10th & 12th Board Exam Preparation Tips 2022

Board examinations are important milestones in the life of an Indian student. His/her career and future life, to an extent, are decided by 10th and 12th standards’ Board exams. In this article, we will check out some tested and effective study tips and strategies, which will help students prepare for their board exams efficiently. After January (or around that time), 10th and 12th standard students will get their reading vacations started! So, for the students who are going to appear for these board exams, that time will be the ‘make-or- break’ period! If students manage time well and study strategically, they will be able to score very good marks. But if they don’t, they should forget about scoring high marks and settle for mediocre scores (or even low marks)! In short, if students follow the below mentioned board exam study tips religiously, they will be able to score high marks in board examination! They will also be able to prepare decently even when less time is left!

answer sheet of examination

Prepare well!


Here, I’m going to provide you some killer tips to study productively, without wasting much time. As mentioned before, these study tips are tried and tested! Putting these tips into practice will ensure that you will pass the board exams with flying colors! I mean it my friends!


Let me tell you how this article has been designed and written. I’ll tell you more about the details that it contains. The article has been divided into two sections. This division has been made on the basis of two sections of an academic year. The first half is from the start of the academic year till Diwali vacations. The second half is from December to the date of the Preliminary exams.


In the first section, you will be reading about study tips, which will let you manage studies, school sessions and tuition classes together in a composed and balanced way. In the second section, you will be reading about study tips, which will help you make the most of reading vacation. The aim of second section is to help your reading vacation more productive!


If you are a student, who is going to appear for 10th or 12th board exams, make it a point to read the entire article and make a study schedule accordingly. Here we go, I’m starting the list-


Board Exam Study Tips 2022 –

Here, we are generally going to divide our study time into two sections. The first section is the time from the start of the academic year till Diwali vacation. Please note that Board exam preparation will begin much earlier than when the school starts. Almost all Private tuition and coaching classes starts preparation right from vacation time, much before the actual school sessions starts. So, this vacation period can also be said to be a part of the first section of our study period.


The second section is the period from December, till the start of preliminary examination. Just before the preliminary examination, there will be reading vacation, which lasts for about 1.5 months (generally). It is this vacation that we must utilize properly, for revision and lots of mock tests.


Let us get started with the first section of study time and the tips that will come handy during this period-


• Period starting from beginning of 10th/12th standard classes till Diwali vacation

This is the first half. So, if you want to build on a strong foundation, you must make full use of this time. Usually, most board students take this time lightly. They feel that it is just the beginning and there would be enough time to cover up. But this attitude is gross! Here’s how you should study during this time-


1 Finish your study tasks on a daily basis

Study daily

Study daily and reduce load!

Yes, if at school, a lesson has been taught, finish preparing it the same day at home. Keep this as your prime policy. The same policy applies for tuition classes.


Don’t postpone tasks. Don’t let procrastination ruin your life! Make up your mind that you’ll finish a task on the very same day it is supposed to be done.


2 Revise stuff regularly


Revise portion regularly

Just preparing lessons daily won’t be sufficient! Because, after a while, chances are that you might forget the lessons!


This is when revision comes handy! Yes, revising things thoroughly will etch it in your memory. Yes, it is like engraving a drawing on a rock! The more you revise, the better it is!


In case of subjects like physics and mathematics, make it a point to revise the formulas as much as you can. Because, if you have mastery over them, you can score well in board exams and competitive entrance exams too!


3 Take tests regularly


After studying and revision, it is time to test your knowledge!

After studying and revising, it is time to do a honest assessment of your preparations! Yes, make sure that you solve practice test papers time and again.


Just school and tuition class exams are not enough! Try to grab as many question paper sets as you can and solve them. Try to be honest and go for an honest evaluation!


After evaluation, make sure that you take the corrective measures. That is, by correcting your errors and improving your performance.


4 Revise again

Revise again

Don’t forget to revise again and again!

This part is very important and can’t be ignored. Once finished with the tests and evaluation of a subject/chapter, students tend to forget about it altogether!


Don’t commit this mistake folks! Revision can’t be ignored. It is something students should embrace with open hands! So, make it a point to revise again and again, even after tests and evaluation.


5 Avoid Burnout

Avoid burnout

Indulge a bit in hobbies and fun activities!

What is a burnout? If you do an activity for an excess amount of time, naturally you’d get tired. This is called burnout.


Anything done in extremes can result in burnout. The same principle applies to studies as well! Too much studying and no means of relaxation can wreak havoc with your mental and nervous system.


I think board students should indulge in stress busting activities. For example- try to find time to indulge in your favorite hobby, play games like soccer, cricket etc, travel with family, enjoy and celebrate festivals, hang out with friends occasionally.


I’ve listed few options to bust stress. You may choose the method that suits you the best. During my school years and board exam days, I used to bust stress by playing with my friends.


6 Group studies with good friends

Group study sessions

Go for productive group study sessions

Whether group studies can be productive or not depends on the quality of the members of the group. The ‘group’ should consist of students, who are devoted to and serious about studies.


You should go for group studies with only those friends, who you think are good at studies. They should be your honest friends. Give them the freedom to analyze and rate your performance.


This way, you’ll come to know of your weak points easily. Further, with the help of your friends, you can work towards improving your weak areas.


Would you believe it? Many IAS rank holders have credited their success in exams to group studies and the combined efforts of a group! In most of the cases, the group members would help each other strengthen their weak points!


7 Get the concepts clear; don’t plainly memorize syllabus!

Build strong foundation

Focus on the basics and fundamental concepts

During this period of time, most important chapters are covered in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics etc. Due to the overload of portions to study, students tend to look at the temporary solution- memorizing portions plainly or mugging it up! This is a bad idea. Chapters studied this way won’t stay in memory for long!


Students should always try to understand the concepts and get their fundamentals right. Especially in case of subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry, if you understand the concepts, things will be much easier to remember. Take for example balancing of equations in Chemistry. It can get really tough. But if you understand the fundamentals of balancing an equation, then there would be no need of remembering and learning equations (and balancing them) by heart! See how understanding fundamentals makes life easier!


In case of other subjects too, such as Maths and Physics, always pay attention to fundamentals. It will make things easier. Plus you’ll be able to do well at twisted and tough questions asked in examination in a much better way!


8 Form subject wise learning habits

Subject wise learning habits

Cultivate subject wise learning habits for increased productivity

The best way to deal with Mathematics subject is by writing and practicing problems. Just reading and skimming through solutions is not the best way to study Mathematics. But studying Social Science is better done by reading through chapters and jotting down important points. There is no need to write each and everything, when it comes to this subject.


My point is that there are different techniques available for dealing with different subjects. Students must approach each subject accordingly and go forward with the best study method- reading, writing, solving problems etc. Create such learning habits and you’ll see your productivity go up!


9 Eat healthy

Eat healthy

Health is Wealth; Eat well

Yes, eating a healthy, balanced diet is of utmost importance! Because, you are what you eat! If you eat rubbish, you become one! Eat balanced diet, full of green vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products, fish, meat, eggs etc.


• Second half starting from December till preliminary examination

This is the time, when the festival season gets over and the winter sets in. Also, this is the time that 10th and 12th standard students should take a reality check. Try to evaluate your preparation so far. And please be honest while doing it.


For best results, while evaluating, take the help of good friends, teachers, parents etc. Based on the evaluation, it is time to plan your preparations over the next half of the season!


10 Time management is the key

Time Management

Manage time well

This is the time, when you should take time management very seriously. Because, half of the time just flew past you! Now you just can’t afford to waste time. And the only solution is- time management!

11 Go for a ‘power- schedule’

Power schedule

Go for intense power schedules

Well ‘power-schedule’ is my creation. Basically, it is an improved version of the time table that you’ve been following so far. So far, you’ve also been devoting some time towards other activities like hobbies, playing etc. Now, it is time to reduce the ‘frequency’ of such activities!


Hey, I’m not asking you to stop these activities altogether! Just reduce the time you used to devote towards them previously. When you sit down to study, just focus on it. Cut out all other distractions. If you are sitting down for a 2 hour session, then the two hours should be devoted only towards focused studying, nothing else (exceptions- drinking water, going to toilet and other such tasks only). I know that this could be difficult for many of you to follow, especially with distractions in the form of mobile phones, TV etc. What I suggest under such circumstances is that you should start practicing power schedule stuff 3-4 weeks beforehand. This will help you form a habit of sitting down and study, avoiding all distractions. Note that after 3-4 weeks, your brain will accept this routing and form a habit!


12 Go for question paper centered/blueprint centered study pattern

Question papers

Give attention to solved papers, previous years’ papers, mock papers etc

I recommend this study pattern to those students, who have been doing nothing so far. Yes, I know that despite 10th and 12th standard board exams being very important, there are students who do nothing (study).


So, if you are one such student, who is all set to face the board exams, I urge you to implement this study pattern. This study pattern enables on to cover as much important parts of the syllabus as possible, in the shortest amount of time possible.


To implement this method, first you must buy the various solved/unsolved exam papers from various publications. This has to be followed by solving those papers.


Solving question papers will give you a clear idea of the type of questions that are asked in the examination. But don’t blindly rely on this method. Because blueprint of the question paper may change.


Still, this method is very effective in picking out the ‘most important’ questions. Pay more attention towards such questions. But please don’t think that doing so will guarantee you very good marks. This is just to ensure that you go through all the important topics! Once this is over, one should cover as much of the rest of the syllabus as possible!


13 Don’t let tension get the better of you!


Stay calm

With the 10th and 12th standard board exams looming large over their heads, students tend to get a bit tensed! Not only students, even teachers and parents fall prey to this!


Don’t let tension ruin your preparations guys! Overcome it! Try Pranayam and other breathing exercises. It will have a soothing effect on mind and help one relax.


14 Only go for productive group studies

Group study sessions

Go for productive group study sessions

During the reading vacations, many students feel enticed to go for group studies. But these so called group studies often tend to become less productive! This is something you just can’t afford, particularly with so less time left!


Only go for those group study sessions, which you feel will help you! Like going to a studious friend to clear your doubts.


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That’s it friends, these are my effective and killer tips for board students. Following these board exam study tips religiously will guarantee you high marks. 12th and 10th standards are important milestones in a student’s life. So make sure that you put in surplus hard work and make yourself and your parents proud! At the same time, also take care of your health! Best of luck!

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