Which stream to choose after 10th standard


Which stream to choose after 10th standard


After 10th standard, which stream should you choose? Confused about it? Don’t worry, we will help you out with this article. Just read this whole article and you will get a general idea of what courses, streams and jobs are available after passing 10th standard.

Many students just take up the stream/course that their friends take up, without even considering their personal interests. This is all due to peer pressure. It is like a group of sheep, the whole group follows a single sheep!

So, these are the courses, streams and jobs you can take up after passing 10th standard.

1 Commerce Stream

Commerce stream has subjects like economics, business studies, accountancy, maths, English, computer studies etc. After passing 12th commerce, students can go for B Com followed by M Com or they can also take up BBA and other courses.

2 Science Stream

The science stream has two groups in it. The A group (Maths, Physics and Chemistry are main subjects) and the B group (Biology, Physics and Chemistry are the main subjects). Besides the main subjects, there are other subjects like English, Computer etc.

Students have to select either A group or B. You may also select both groups and appear for both exams.

After passing 12th standard, ‘A group’ students can go for Engineering, B Sc, Diploma, BBA and other courses. ‘B group’ students can go for MBBS (FOR BECOMING A DOCTOR), B Sc, BAMS (AYURVEDA DOCTOR), BDS (DENTIST) and other courses. Here is a list of top 11 courses to do after 12th science. Hope it helps you out.

3 Arts Stream


Earlier, arts stream was considered to be meant for low scoring students of 10th standard exams. But now, with many new and innovative courses and scope, Arts stream is also good. Check this link for more info.

4 Diploma after 10th standardDiploma

After passing 10th standard, you can take up diploma in Engineering course. There are various branches of engineering like- mechanical, electrical, civil engineering etc. After completing diploma, you can complete B Tech and later M Tech etc.

Note: You alone should decide the course/stream you take after 10th standard. Consider factors like your interest, job opportunities after the course etc.


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