Top 11 courses to do after 12th science


Top 11 courses to do after 12th science


12th standard is the last stage of a student’s school life. After 12th standard, a student has to decide his path and his career. This step has to be taken after lots of planning and thinking. You just can’t afford to choose what to do after 12th standard carelessly. You must take into consideration various factors like- your interests, job scope and opportunities etc while choosing your career. I think this article will help you deal with it.

There are many courses available to students after 12th standard. Courses like Engineering, MBBS are main stream, but I will also focus on slightly unknown and unique courses. Please make sure that you take your own time and think before you choose a particular course.



For details on all the branches of engineering, please go through this article. The course is 4 years long.


If you are interested in becoming a doctor. The course is 5 years and 6 months long with internship. But you must also complete PG if you want to be successful.


If you want to become a dentist. The course is 5 years long. But the field is saturated due to large number of private colleges.


If you want to become an Ayurveda doctor. The course is 5 years long. There are many job opportunities in this field.

5 B Pharmacy

This course is 4 years long. After getting this degree, you can open a chemist’s shop, become a medical representative or take up a job in pharmaceutical company. You may also do M Pharm and get better opportunities.

6 Pharm D

It is different from B Pharm. This course is 6 years long. It is more or less a combination of B Pharm and M Pharm. There are lots of opportunities to work abroad if you have this degree.

7 BScBachelor of Science

It is a 3 year long course. You can select from various subjects like science, maths, physics, computer science, biotechnology etc. After BSc, you may complete MSc and take up teaching jobs or research.


BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. Even 12th science students can choose this course. After completing BBA, you may go for an MBA and get jobs related to your degree.


Yes, this is a good option, but there is an age limit. You have to be 19 years old or younger to appear for NDA (National Defence Academy) exam. You must also have completed your 12th standard exams with A group. If you manage to pass NDA exam and SSB interview, you will get admission in NDA, Pune. You have to do a Bsc course there along with military training and studies. After 3 years in NDA and a year at IMA (Indian Military Academy), you will get a job in Indian Armed forces as an officer.

10 Diploma courses

Diploma courses

If you don’t get admission in engineering, you can take admission in diploma engineering. After completing your diploma, you can go for a degree. After you get your diploma, you have to attend an engineering college for only 2 years to get a degree.

11 Other good courses

There are various other good courses like Hotel Management, Fire Safety Technology, Welding Technology and Software/Hardware courses. These courses also offer good job opportunities. Make sure that you get admission in an institute that is approved by the Government.

# In demand Diploma courses (2014 update)

Diploma courses in demand

I’m adding up this section 1 year after this article was published on this blog. With each year, new developments and exciting new trends pop up in the education and job sector. After 1 year, I’ve decided to add this section to showcase some in demand diploma courses that haven’t been mentioned in the article. I’ll run through those courses in the following paragraphs.

Diploma in nursing is a good course that 12th science students, the biology group ones can pursue. The advantage of this course is that job opportunity abroad after its completion is much! Nurses are in demand abroad. A diploma in nursing can work wonders. Not only female aspirants, but males can also pursue this course since male nurses are also in demand abroad.

Diploma course to become Air Hostess is another hot course for 12th passed students. Students who wish to have an exciting and adventurous career can opt for this course. The job involves lots of travelling and the pay scale is promising. After retiring from the profession, one can take up secondary jobs in fields related to hospitality. Even males can take up this course since male flight attendants are also in huge demand these days, due to new private airlines opening up.

Diploma in event management is yet another exciting opportunity for youngsters. This diploma course can be pursued by 12th passed students too. Even I came to know of dedicated event management courses this year! After completing this course, one can take up jobs in event management firms or can open their own enterprise. With dedication and hard work, one can build a profitable business, since this industry is going through a good phase at the moment.

Some more hot courses for 12th science students-

design related courses

# Bachelor Programs in Design Field- Science stream graduates who have a flair for designing and fashion can take up any of these design related branches and build a good career. A list of programs that I found interesting are-

  1. Bachelor of Design (Fashion Designing)– A well known course being taught in NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), this one is a 4 year long course. The program is much sought after by students interested in designing clothes and apparels. The job prospects are good, when it comes to this particular course. After graduating, one has a wide choice of potential careers to choose from. Some of them are- designers, freelance design consultants, costume designers, illustrators etc. Also, graduates can easily land jobs in MNCs related to clothing line and designer wears.
  2. Bachelor of Design (Leather Design)– Like the previous entry, this one is also a 4 year long course. Job opportunities are abundant in this field also. Primarily, this field is associated with designing of leather products, mass manufacturing of it, management of the good, transportation etc.
  3. Bachelor of Design (Accessory Designing)– The duration of this course is 4 years long. This field is all about designing high end and innovative designed and crafted accessories, ornaments etc. Not just ornaments, this field also deals with accessories like footwear, interior design goods etc.
  4. Bachelor of Design (Textile Design)– 4 years long course. Deals with all aspects associated with the field of textile manufacturing, processing, designing and management. One of the most popular courses offered by NIFT. Graduates will be able to find jobs easily in industries associated with clothes and textile industry.
  5. Bachelor of Design (Knitwear Designing)– Knit wear is emerging as the next big thing in the design and textile world. This 4 year long course deals with the fundamentals of knitting and also incorporates knowledge about state of the art methods and equipment too!
  6. Bachelor of Design (Fashion Communication)– This is a new course, but surely high on promise and potential. In a nutshell, it is all about merchandising (visual), exhibiting design, fashion journalism etc. Graduates can be expected to get hired by media houses, as a fashion consultant. Graduates can also become chief organizers of fashion events.
  7. Animation film Design– A 4 year long course offered by the prestigious NID (National Institute of Design). Graduates of this course can become independent animators, work under big Indian and International media production houses, advertising houses etc. The job scope is promising, when it comes to this particular field.
  8. Ceramic and Glass Design– This activity has been practiced by man since ancient times. This 4 year long course offered by NID also imparts ancient techniques as well as state of the art methods also!
  9. Furniture and Interior Design– A 4 years long course. Deals with various aspects of designing, manufacturing, processing etc of wooden and other types of furniture and interior designing goodies.
  10. Product Design– This field is all about designing useful products or innovating and improving the design of already created products. This 4 year course is all about innovative attitude and making things more useful to mankind by improving its design!

#Bachelor of planning-

Bachelor of Planning

I don’t know whether any private Institute in India teaches this course or not, but unfortunately, at CEPT (Center for Environmental Planning and Technology), this course has been temporarily stopped. This has been done with an aim of re-introducing this course with much more quality study material and course material. The course will be re-introduced in 2015!

#Commercial Pilot training-

Cartoon of Pilot

In this very article, I described to you how to join the Armed Forces and become a pilot in the IAF (Indian Air Force). But getting into the IAF as a pilot is an extremely tough task. So, in case you are unable to achieve that feat, you may become a Commercial Pilot! Yes, 12th Science stream passed students can become a Commercial pilot by undergoing training course at an Aviation Academy recognized by the Aviation Ministry of India. First, students have to earn a student pilot licence and undergo flying training and theoretical education. After clocking certain hours in a training plane successfully and upon passing the tests, a student is awarded the Flying License!

#Bachelor of Interior design-

Bachelor of Interior Design

There are many institutes (especially private ones) offering this course. They offer Diploma as well as certificate courses. But try to get admission into premier institutes like CEPT and choose this course.  

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797 Responses to “Top 11 courses to do after 12th science”

  1. Vishal Jadav says:

    Hmm…I have plans to join NDA exam. I’m currently in 12th science…

  2. Shushil Harshe says:

    I have plans to join MBBS exam. I’m currently in 12th science…

  3. Shushil Harshe says:

    I have plans to join MBBS exam. I’m currently in 12th science…….

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  5. Ankit says:

    Well, which is the best according to the readers?? Please suggest me the best course in comment friends!!

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  7. Maulik says:

    Doing some other courses with your degree must helps for job

  8. Vishnu says:

    It depends on your interest. If you have interest towards a particular field, then you should only go in that field. If you don’t have any particular interests then you have to find out what you are good at. Even if you are not good at studies there will always be something that you are good at. Some people will be good in computers, some in automobile, some in economics, who knows it could even be politics. It will help you a lot if you actually are interested/good in the field that you choose to go.

    All the best. May you have a bright future.

  9. apsara says:

    im in 10th std…i have an mindset of choosing science group in 11th….im gonna do in staeboard….what course shall i choose after 12th…??? should i write any competative exams??? or….not?”???

  10. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Yes, you have to appear for competitive exams to get admission in various professional courses after 12th science. The list of courses after 12th are mentioned in the article.

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  12. arunkallarackal says:

    Yes Maulik, you are right!

  13. arunkallarackal says:

    Yes buddy, it all depends on our area of interest.

  14. arunkallarackal says:

    Best of luck!

  15. arunkallarackal says:

    Yes, you have to appear for competitive exams for admission to professional courses.

  16. arunkallarackal says:

    Best of luck!

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  18. shweta killedar says:

    hii… i jst competed B.Sc. in chemistry, but i was not intrested in this course but i comleted…& i am not satisfied with this…plzz sir suggest something different course 4 me. some 1 year certified courses or deploma courses.

  19. Ankit Kumar says:

    Hi Shweta! You may go for diploma courses related to web designing, Graphics, Visual effects etc. They are in much demand right now. Since you’ve completed B Sc, I’d recommend you to complete M Sc also.

    M Sc chemistry is a nice degree. Great job opportunities in private and Govt sector.

    Hope this helps. :)

  20. namrata says:

    which entrance test is available at present for medical

  21. namrata says:


  22. @ishwarya says:

    i hav passed my 12 and got addmision in biotechnology integrated msc/ in university of pune bt m not intested in this couse at all plzz suggest me wht are other good couse which hav good job or bisnes oportunity

  23. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Biotechnology (BSc and MSc) integrated is a very good course. But since you are not interested, I would suggest you to go for courses like BBA, Aviation Jobs (Air Hostess), Computer courses etc. But believe me, the Biotech course is really good. Consider pursuing it :)

  24. prathamesh says:

    Currently nw i m in 12th std bt i m confused wht to do so someone plz suggest me wht to do further b’coz i m really worried about my future

  25. Rohit says:

    Best jobs

  26. Surabhi Patel says:

    Such a nice article. You have provided the course details in a brief. But you know what, when we see this much options are available after 12th this time we will get confused, which course should I choosed?
    Only because of such a confusion sometimes we take a wrong career decisions. So for that you need to take counselling from a counselor who will help you to take right decision. I would like to suggest you www. is the website where you can solve your career related confusion.

  27. soniya bhagat says:

    thank you…..:)

  28. soniya bhagat says:

    I have plans for NDA exam. thanx.

  29. soniya bhagat says:

    I have plans for NDA exam. I ‘m currently in 12th science.thanx.

  30. BHANU says:

    what should i opt after completing my 12 std in med????????? presently i am in 10 std and planning for med. is there any option after med if we are not able to clear neet

  31. Arun Kallarackal says:

    MBBS is the best option. Other options include- BDS (Dental Sciences), B Sc, Ayurveda etc

  32. Vesal Ahmad says:

    I want to join in engineering exam

  33. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Watch out for various engineering entrance exams friend :)

  34. shabna says:

    after 12th science i have 2 options 1) bba with mba and 2) radiography….
    pls reply….

  35. Arun Kallarackal says:

    BBA followed by MBA is good :)


    i m in12(pcm)applying for nda completed 18years age on1jan14.if not selected wat is the further process to join forces

  37. Arun Kallarackal says:

    You may appear for CDS after completing graduation :)

  38. sudhanshu says:

    sir please suggest me from which course i can do a job or i can start my own business ….

  39. Arun Kallarackal says:

    If business is what interests you, I recommend that you do an MBA! :)

  40. simran says:

    sir plz help me i wanted to became an undercover cop for India so plz tell me which course or whatever it is should i choose i dnt no any college for it or anythng lyk dat so plzzz help me sir……

  41. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Bro, if becoming a cop is your dream, better appear for exams related to joining police. Appear for Indian Civil Service exam to become an IPS :) Best of luck!

  42. mufasir says:

    can u help me now i am pass out plus two in 2012 which is best course

  43. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Tell me more about your passion and interests bro. Based on that, we’ll choose a good course :)

  44. akshata says:

    after geting 62% marks in 12th sci is it possible 2 get admisin in a wel knwn eng clg…??

  45. Arun Kallarackal says:

    To an extent, it depends on the score you get in ‘entrance exams’..

  46. gaurav kawalkar says:

    awesome information is given here . I like very much

  47. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Thanks for the compliments :)

  48. Shabir Hussain says:

    Kindly give some suggestion that which technical course should I go to opt. after passing 12th exams .My subject is Arts.

  49. Arun Kallarackal says:

    There are many technical/industrial and computer courses that’ll help you.

  50. Sahil says:

    Sir please tell after +2 medical science I will going to Australia which course is best for me in Australia……..

  51. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sorry, not much info about courses in Australia..

  52. Nadia Sam says:

    I’m currently in 11th std. Honestly I dunno what am I good at. I like reading books,adventure and social service. I have opted for science as suggested by my parents (not on my own interest). I score average marks. My parents want me to do engineering. Again not my interest. I dunno if I should continue with science. I really need your help. Please help me out as I don’t wanna regret in future.

  53. Nadia Sam says:

    Hi I’ve changed my ID.

  54. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Convince your parents that it is something else that you want to study. Choose something that you are real passionate about! That’s all I can say.

  55. Anand kumar das says:

    i have given exam of 12th 2014 feb with physical group but present day it is dificult to study B.E

  56. roshni dharkar says:

    hi! im in 12th science nw…..i m so confused wat 2 do after 12th…im not at all intrested 2 do engineering or medical… giving entrance just 2 get a good and well known college….but i want 2 do some gud n well known course plz suggest me something sir…

  57. aroohi says:

    hello sir, can u please tell me if medical line is suitable for girls? i am planning to opt for science stream this year. my parents do agree but my friends say that opting for science stream means u waste ur time n money.. they also say that we don’t get time to study in dis stream, pls tell if it is so… thankyou!

  58. aroohi says:

    i am damn interestd for science as i really wannna becum a good doctor! though nothing is gonna change my mind still i wanna confirm it from you…

  59. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Aroohi, if becoming a doctor is your ambition, then let nothing else distract you! Do what your hear says you to do :)

  60. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Of course it is suitable.. If you are passionate enough, then go for it.

  61. aroohi says:

    thanku so very much sir… 😀

  62. aroohi says:

    sir, may i get your phone number please–if u don’t mind!

  63. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sorry, but you may pose questions right here..

  64. aroohi says:

    okay! it’s okay..
    i just said bcoz i m not always able to come online and ask my ques

  65. aroohi says:

    i have my cgpa 6.8…… can i get science in this cgpa…?

  66. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Not sure..

  67. aroohi says:

    last question please 😛
    mai i have your id please?

  68. Arun Kallarackal says:

    You’ll find means to contact in the ‘contact us’ section of the blog.

  69. aroohi says:

    done :)

  70. shangamithra says:

    hi sir,i have choosen biology in my it possible to choose BSc(anatomy). suggest me some other courses related

  71. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Very much possible to choose that course. Others are MBBS, BDS, Microbiology etc.

  72. priya says:

    thanks for this ideas

  73. jasleen says:

    i have recently given 12th exams n i m a pcm student with computer as an optional subject.
    i am not intrested in doing can u plz suggest me any other course.
    and doing BCA will be a good choice or not… i mean i m intrested in computer and maths bt i dont know dat doing BCA will give good placement or not.

  74. amrita says:

    i love it.

  75. shubham garg says:

    Now i give papers of class 12 science . So please tell me everything that how can i do after 12 and all courses .

  76. Arun Kallarackal says:

    All information regarding the courses are given in the article, friend.

  77. Arun Kallarackal says:

    BCA followed by MCA will be good for you.

  78. Asif says:

    I am a student õF pcm.
    plz can u suggest me..
    which field I select thtz gøőð for my future…!!

  79. Arun Kallarackal says:

    There are loads of them- Engineering, B Sc, BBA etc. Do choose the one, which you are genuinely passionate about.

  80. samera says:

    i have completed my 12th class..and want to become doctor but don;t want to do M.B.B.S and B.D.S sugesst some other courses.

  81. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Why not try vet sciences or BAMS in that case?

  82. atik says:

    plz sir tell me fast i have no any idea about biology subject.

  83. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Atik, but you have taken PCB na? How come you not know about Biology?

  84. Pratik says:

    I want to do management related course after 12th science [math,physics,chemistry] which can be I choose Pls give me answer.

  85. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Management related course? BBA could be just perfect for you :)

  86. yash fulzele says:


  87. Pratik says:

    my another q is can i get JNEC if i got 23 in jee and 78%in board exam

  88. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Not sure about that bro.. Sorry..

  89. Anusha says:

    Thank you sir

  90. Anusha says:

    I think i’ll get 75% in my 12 science exam.Kindly give me some suggesions for my next course

  91. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Anusha, which group you have been pursuing? Maths, Biology or both? Based on that, choose an appropriate course from the list!

  92. Anusha says:

    Thank you Chetta……..

  93. Anusha says:

    Chetta you done a great job.God Bless you

  94. Arun Kallarackal says:

    You are welcome Anusha!

  95. Rashi says:

    I hav appearaed for 12th nd is confused with my future plz guide me about various engg courses and the steps i must take for it

  96. azhar says:

    This is the best way to select ur future

  97. Arun Kallarackal says:

    A lot depends on your area of interests. What is it that you are really passionate about? Automobiles? Designing homes? Building huge construction projects?

    It would be better to choose an Engineering branch depending on your area of interests.

  98. Ravi Teja says:

    HI sir, after 12th which course is better for future earnings
    i am a science student i got 80 % in MPC
    can u give me a suggestion please

  99. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Well, there are many options for you man- Engineering, BBA, Armed Forces.

    DO make sure that you join a good college. :)

  100. Prashik Ingole says:

    There are various options but choose only that option or field in which you are good or in which you are EXCELLENT.If you follow this instruction then you will be at the top of success in that field.
    -your friend PRASHIK

  101. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Well said Prashik! :)

  102. Vivek Sharma says:

    Hello sir I am the student of class 12th with B – Science. Kindly give me some suggestions Which step should I take ??

  103. Arun Kallarackal says:

    You have many courses to choose from. Some of them are- MBBS, BDS, Pharm D, B Pharm, B Sc etc.

    Just go on with your passion.

  104. ASIF says:

    BBA in dubai this is a good option or not?? in abroad you have any other good option about BBA??/

  105. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sorry Atif, not much knowledgeable about BBA in Dubai option..

  106. aishwarya says:

    i am passed out 12th…..i wan to do management courses….Is IBM is good….

  107. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Well, I’m not that sure.. Why don’t you do a bit research using Google and other means?

  108. ak says:

    hello! i just want to know about the selection procedure for bds colleges after giving neet or any other entrance exam? i mean is having ur name in merit list of exams is only the requirement to get a bds college?

  109. priyanshi verma says:


  110. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Priyanshi, based on your passion and results, you have to take a step. Options available are- MBBS, BDS, BAMS, B Pharm, B Sc etc.

  111. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hi AK. Ya, you must appear for entrance exams and get your name in the merit list!

  112. ak says:

    Thanks! :) Actually my friend told me now days there is no scope ahead after doing bds it is really true?

  113. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hi AK. There is some truth in what your friend told. The market is a bit saturated. But if you have good skills, no one can stop you from becoming successful

  114. srasti says:

    sir i hv done twelth wid pcm bt i m not intrestd in doing btech …… i m intrestd in bio so i hv plan to drop this yr n prepare for medical comptition wid 12th pcb bt it is too risky… is is ri8 to do so……..

  115. keerthana says:

    i wish to become an there any scope for that after5years

  116. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Keerthana, sure there will be scope. If necessary, consult a practicing Vet to know more about the job and its prospects.

  117. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Well, if you are that interested in taking bio, consider taking a drop. But there are some disadvantages that will come with it.

  118. maaya says:

    sir i need bio courses

  119. Arun Kallarackal says:

    MBBS, BDS, B Sc, B Pharm, BAMS etc are good.

  120. Ravindra vama says:

    To Good For selection careers.

  121. Rohan Singh says:

    I like in NDA.

  122. Vishal says:


  123. ASIF says:

    i do complete 12th science in B group… without MBBS what i do?? give me good other corse… i got only 68% gseb.

  124. Arun Kallarackal says:

    BDS, BAMS, B Sc, B Pharm etc are courses other than MBBS.

  125. Arun Kallarackal says:

    It is a great place to be at bro! :)

  126. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Thanks Vishal, hope you found it to be of use.

  127. pari verma says:

    sir plzz help me..m a avrge student just i hve gone throu 12th sci exams..i dnt think i ll get more marks or % …so plzz suggsst me…

  128. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Based on marks and passion, it is you who have to make a choice. I’ve listed the courses in the article. Now, it is your turn to choose one. If it is low marks that you get, possible B Sc is what you can get into, I guess.

  129. supriya says:

    after completing bams we get government job

  130. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Yes, you can. :)

  131. g.uma aheswari says:

    whether bpharm nhas scope in todays world?

  132. g.uma maheswari says:

    whether bpharm has scope in todys world?

  133. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Uma, sure it has! To an extent, it depends on the college, your marks, skills, interest etc.

  134. twinkle says:

    I have completed my 12 with pcm what r the course i can go for leaving engineering? ..reply me soon plsee

  135. karen says:

    good informations sir…thanks for ur response with patience

  136. karen says:

    am a 12th science student..i passed out and i have secured 91.3% in my higher secondary that good doing mbbs in australia

  137. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hi Twinkle,

    You may go for B Sc, BBA, Diploma courses etc, if you want to avoid Engineering.

  138. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hi Karen,

    So sorry! I’m not much knowledgeable about the admission aspects in Australia.


  139. nency says:

    hiiiii….arun i m intrested in computer study which is the best computer eng ya IT ya fir??

  140. karen says:

    is doing microbiology good?

  141. sneha says:

    hi arun this is sneha im a biology student iam sure that i won’t get an mbbs seat so can u plz.. suggest that which course would beneficial for me and would make me earn more plzzzzzzz help

  142. Gayathri says:

    Hi , , , , , , , , , , arun Can i get a job in isro aftr completing physics

  143. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Yes, it is a good course. :)

  144. Deepak says:

    hi sir , is it wise to choose biotech?

  145. Arun Kallarackal says:


    You may try BDS, BAMS, Veterinary Sciences etc.

  146. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Yes you may, provided that you fulfill the necessary criteria and pass interviews.

  147. Arun Kallarackal says:

    It sure is a good course Deepak.

  148. harshitha says:

    sir i hve finished my 11th wit pcmc bt i wanted to become doctor nd decided to repeat 11th wit pcmb is there will be any problem??

  149. Arun Kallarackal says:

    No prblem with repeating. I suggest you to discuss it with your parents and teachers and then take a decision.

  150. shivashree says:

    Hello..sir I have passed 12th of combination PCMB of 60% and I also attended competitive exams, in kcet exam I scored good marks in physics, chemistry, maths…now I don’t know which course should I do….n am interested in both maths and bio and am not interested in doing MBBS but I have an idea in doing b.pharm and civil engineering but nw am confused in choosing the best course in these, or can I do any other course which helps me in future to earn more… sir pls suggest me the good course

  151. shivashree says:

    Hello sir….I have passed 12th of 60% in pcmb,n am interested in both maths n bio n I have attended competitive exams too.. n in tat I scored good marks in maths,phy,Chem…n I don’t know which course should I do…? nw I have a confusion in selecting the course I.e.shall I do civil engineering or b.pharm…sir pls help me

  152. akhilesh sharma says:

    sir i have done my 12th PCM and i wanted to became aeroanutical engg. what is Career prospects in this course

  153. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hi Akhilesh,

    It is a good course. The job prospect is good too. Just make sure that you do that course from a good college.

  154. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hi Shivasree,

    My personal suggestion is that you go for Civil Engineering, that too from a good college. Because, it is much more valuable than B Pharm. Civil Engineering is a part of the core branch of Engineering. You may get Government and private jobs with ease, depending on your marks and aptitude after graduation. Hope that my suggestion helps.


  155. shivashree says:

    Thank u so much sir….

  156. Ankita says:

    Hi sir,I can’t decide my higher education from upper courses .I am 17 years old n now completed my 12 with pcb group.Only one week is left for my result
    So plzzzzzzzz suggest me a good way . ..

  157. Ananya says:

    Hii……… ananya.. i completed my 12th and i got 1009 marks a compsci student with phy,maths,chem..lang..and eng i dont want 2 choose engg can u plz suggest anyother course 4 me………….i dono in wat am gud too…i like eng bt if i get arraer na ennakondu saiiihikaan aavathathilla athukondu ..eng vaenda ennu vekkuva

  158. nikita arora says:

    i have a plans to join mbbs exam i’m currently in 12th science

  159. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hi Ananya,

    There are many other alternatives- BBA, B Sc etc.

  160. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ankita, you may go for MBBS, BAMS, B Pharm, BDS etc.

  161. Riddhi Chhaya says:

    sir please give me some good courses …
    I have only 75 merit in 12 with biology…
    I’m soo confused…

  162. Prajjaval Patel says:

    Hello..sir I have passed 12th of combination PCB of 72% and gujcet 33 marks .suggest that which course would beneficial for me and would make me earn more plzzzzzzz help

  163. shakthi says:

    can girls also apply 4 NDAexams .when is it 4 2015 academic year?

  164. saurabh says:

    i have decided to join nda

  165. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hi Shakti, girls can’t apply for NDA.

  166. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Prajjaval, try to go for BAMS, B Pharm, Pharm D etc.

  167. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Riddhi, go for BAMS, B Pharm, Pharm D, B Sc etc.

  168. ansari says:

    hi arun im doing 12 th pure science, wat is the next plan for higher degree course

  169. Aaron says:

    I am living in Goa. I have answered my 10th standard …I want to do one of the indian services courses(e.g: IAS, IRS, etc)….. Which of the following stream should i select in Goa?????? science,arts,commerce

  170. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Aaron, I suggest you to meet up a coaching center and discuss this matter up. I think they will be able to guide you better.

  171. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ansari, you may go for degree courses like Engineering, BDS, MBBS etc, depending on your passion.

  172. Vaishnavi says:

    I completed DME Now doing AMIE. Is there scope for AMIE

  173. Hanu Bhargava says:

    but,my passion and interest in wildlife photography so what i do ?

  174. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Vaishnavi, sure, studying further will prove to be good. But your existing degree is also good.

  175. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hanu, if wildlife photography is your area of interest, I suggest you to dig out more information related to diploma and certificate courses related to it and pursue such courses.

  176. Shreyas says:

    I hv a keen desire to join for the amazing courses lik aeronautics or navy lik tat n all bt im nt gtttn a right guidence

  177. sanjucta ghadge says:

    I pass 12th & m continue course but which course select , but this course is without maths so tell me which course is best for me . reply fast because after 5 days my admission process is start.. so reply Fast……….

  178. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shreyas, you could use internet or guidance of teachers to get more information about those courses.

  179. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sanjucta, you mean you passed out in maths stream? In that case you have options like Engineering, B Sc, BBA etc.

  180. henna says:

    i need to do a online course after 12th my computer science

  181. henna says:

    i need to do a online course after my 12th computer science
    will you please suggest a course

  182. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Henna, try coding courses, networking courses etc.

  183. sunidhi says:

    i am a medical student and completed my +2 recently . can u plzz tell me what should i opt for bds,bams,bsc honours biotechnology.or physiotherapist???
    i dnt know which is better . in which i can get jobs easily and earn good money .

  184. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sunidhi, BDS and Biotechnology are good!

  185. sunidhi says:

    BAMS is not good??is there no scope of it??

  186. Arun Kallarackal says:

    BAMS has scope Sunidhi, provided that you do the course from a good college and have good skills for that job.

  187. sunidhi says:

    can u plzz tell me good clgs of bam in punjab?????

  188. Arindam Adhikary says:

    Hi, I got 67 percentage in 10th. And 59.4 pecntge and 79.88 percentle in 12th. Now I m doing B.Sc. Major in Industrial fish and fisheries from Asutosh College,CALCUTTA, C.U.

  189. noella says:

    Hello sir currently i am in 12th but am not able to cover vast portion of jee mains am also interested in engineering planning to take diploma but how long it will take to complete this course n hv good job

  190. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hi Noella, diploma is 3 years long course. Job opportunities are there. It will be particularly easy to get a job if you do Diploma in one of the core branch.

  191. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Arindam, pursue the existing course. After completing it, you may go for a better advanced degree.

  192. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sunidhi, I’m not from Punjab. So, not used to colleges and institutes from there. I guess you will have to take help of your friends, Internet and teachers to get this task done.

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  194. sunidhi says:

    ohkk… i thought mayb you can help me out in this..but by the way thanks alot..where are you from??

  195. Arun Kallarackal says:


  196. noella says:


  197. sony says:

    iam medical student and completed my +2 and i got 23423 rank….what to choose bpharma or bba or bsc computers….

  198. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sony, you may go for BDS, B Pharm, BAMS they are good choices. But ultimately, it all depends on your passion and area of interests.

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  200. […] a dedicated portal for taking care of admission of 12th science passed students into various professional courses like Engineering, Pharmacy etc. Here, I’ll share some useful tips regarding choice filling […]

  201. divya says:

    Hello sir i am studing in 12th science(pcb)….. i am looking forward for mbbs but i am not sure about it…. so what are other courses that i can do…… so please suggest me……

  202. Ankit says:

    Cn u suggest me sme colleges for MCM?

  203. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ankit, regarding good colleges, I’m not much knowledgeable.

  204. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Divya, you may go for BDS, BAMS, B Pharm, Pharm D, B Sc, Vet Science etc.

  205. shashdhar says:

    Dear arun,

    My daughter studied in 12th class in with PCM. Her favorite subject is Ogranic Chemistry and she is interested go ahead in this field and want to build carrier in Forensic science. Pls guide me….and suggest for carrier..

  206. uzma says:

    hi sir im completed 12th with 63% im confused about degree courses plz sujests me a good course plz

  207. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Uzma, which stream are you from? Maths or Biology? Based on that, you may go for any of the course mentioned above, in the article.

  208. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hi Shashdhar sir. If it is organic chemistry that she is interested in, then I suggest courses like- Chemical Engineering/ B Sc specializing in chemistry (followed by M Sc. If she has the right aptitude, then she will make it big. B Pharm is another decent course that I’d suggest.

  209. Nissi Thomas says:

    Sir, I am student of 12th Science. I am expecting 85% marks. I am interested in English Language and I would like to be in a teaching profession. Now I understand there are courses other than B.A. English Literature (like English Linguistic, B.A. English Hons. etc.) which course will be better for me to go for higher studies in English Language so that I can reach up to at least M.Phil level. Thanks

  210. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hi Nissi, I’m sorry to let you know that I’m not much knowledgeable in non technical courses. However, I suggest you to take help of a good teacher who knows the ins and out of the course. Best of luck.

  211. Nissi Thomas says:

    Thanks a lot

  212. Mayuri pawar says:

    What are the best course/career
    options after 12th science/commerce ? Plz suggest with helpful n requierd solution..

  213. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Mayuri, the courses mentioned in that article are all good ones. To select a good one for you, it depends on your passion, the marks you scored, your aptitude etc.

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  215. Asma Ansari says:

    Sir, I have completed my 12th this year with pcmbe as my subjects and my score is 62%. What courses can I opt for except BSc?

  216. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Asma, you may go for BBA, B Pharm, Engineering etc.

  217. Asma Ansari says:

    BBA? Can you tell me is there any scope for BBA? How if I go for aeronautical engineering?

  218. Asma Ansari says:

    Please reply as soon as possible. Are the admissions still open in engineering colleges or for BBA? I’m much tensed.

  219. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Asma, both Aeronautical Engineering and BBA has got good scope. Depends on the quality of the college from which you graduate. And yes, Engineering Colleges’ Admission process is going on at present.

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  221. nikith says:

    hii sir, i have completed +2medical. i want to know which course is better to do either dietitian orpharmD after bpharm?????????? which course can give a good salary? plzz help me in choosing.

  222. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Nikith, from what I’ve heard and observed, Pharm D is good.

  223. nikith says:

    plzz sir replay soon if possible kind request…………………..

  224. nikith says:

    thanks for ur advise

  225. udbhav says:

    sir , can i knew ?wht did u do aftr 12th?bcoz i’m confused tht, wht i do ?so ,i need for yor hlp.

  226. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Udbhav, to help you out, I need information like your passion, area of interests, marks obtained etc.

  227. Rahul says:

    sir i got bsc biotechnology . how is the course and what are job oppertunities

  228. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Rahul, B Sc in Biotechnology is a good course. Try to follow it up with an M Sc Degree. You will have ample job opportunities in research and teaching fields.

  229. Rahul says:

    arun where are you from

  230. Rahul says:

    what about the scope Of job opertunities in kerala

  231. Rahul says:

    arun add me in fb ; my account name is rahul amruthan

  232. Simran says:

    i hv scored 89.4% in pcm this year but now i wanted to take a drop and prepare for c.a. cpt exam…is it a good option or should i go for engineering bt i’m not interested to do…

  233. Simran says:

    i hv scored 89.4% in pcm this year but now i wanted to take a drop and prepare for c.a. cpt exam…is it a good option or should i go for engineering bt i’m not interested to do…is there a good scope in c.a. as i wish to make a lot of money after that..plz reply soon

  234. Simran says:

    i also wanted to know that can i go for correspondence in media and mass communication… cousins suggested this to me coz of my looks..

  235. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Rahul, I’m a Malayali living in Gujarat. Since I’ve been living in Gujarat for most part of my life, I’m unaware about the job prospects in Kerala. However, job opportunities in Gujarat are good, for your chosen field. I can say that with confidence. To add me on Facebook, just search for ‘Arun Kallarackal’. :)

  236. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Simran, you have scored good marks. I guess you can get admission into good Engineering Colleges with those kind of marks! But since you are not interested in B Tech and are into CA, I must say that CA has got good scope. But taking drop is a big step. I’m not against it, but can’t you try to get admission into an Engineering college and prepare for the CA entrance at the same time?

    Agreed that it is difficult, but then I think you are capable of doing that! :) Regarding Media and Mass Communication, all I can say is that the institute and course should be good. Plus, you should also have some skills for thriving in that field.

  237. Simran says:

    ok n i also wanted to know whether IT is good for me or CS in engineering?

  238. Simran says:

    is LPU better than UPES dehradun

  239. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Simran, IT and CS have been saturated for a while now. But if it is from a good college that you are going to do the course, then both are okay to do courses.

    Personally, I prefer CS Engg more.

    You see, I’m from Gujarat. So not much aware about the rating and ranking of Colleges and Universities up north. Hope that you understand.

    However, I suggest you to take help of your teachers to hunt down the most suited college! Best of luck!

  240. anamika says:

    i m 12th pass out science student and got 42000 rank in wbjee…… should i go for engineering or not

  241. Hitesh bhati says:

    Dear, sir/madam
    i have completed Hsc board examination. I want to continue my education in pharmacy. Which course i has to choose whether D.Pharm or B.Pharm and what i have to study after that for the good job…

  242. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hitesh, better to go for B Pharm. Later, follow that up with an M Pharm. I would also like to suggest a course called Pharm D. It is not Diploma in Pharmacy. It is a six year long course, which is combination of B Pharm, M Pharm and MBBS.

  243. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Anamika, my question is that whether you are genuinely interested in any branch of Engineering? If yes, you may go for it!

  244. Vipul Singh says:

    sir / madam…..i have passed my hsc with 64% and pcm is 58.33% i wana to join nautical sci… any regards….can i get admission and which is the best college.

  245. anamika says:

    m intrested in computer science but my question is that if i can get a good engineering college or not?????? or shall i go for bba ??????

  246. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Anamika, what’s the general state of merit? Low results of high? Depends on that a lot, whether you get into a good college or not.

  247. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Vipul, the scope is good, for that particular course. But from which state you are from?

  248. Simran says:

    is iiit hyderabad better than iiit allahabad??

  249. Arun Kallarackal says:


  250. snehal says:

    after 12th science a group in 2-3yearwhich course give sure job

  251. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Snehal, there are some B Sc courses like- Biotechnology, Agricultural sciences etc, which last 3 years and have good job scope.

  252. mukul mittal says:

    confused between engg and bsc and bba pls help

  253. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Mukul, out of the courses you mentioned, Engineering has more value. But make sure that you get admission in a good college. Also, take an aptitude test and check whether that course really suits you or not..

  254. Milan says:

    It is a really nice .article .you have helped me .thanks once again.

  255. Milan says:

    I want to go abroad .can u tell me which courses I can do there . To get nice job there .I shall be thank full , if u will reply .

  256. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Milan, there are many regular courses and some awesome job oriented courses being taught at Universities abroad. Please visit the home page of this blog and you will see such ‘study abroad’ articles.

  257. Mukul Mittal says:

    Sir what about bba is it good

    And is
    Bsc in cs also good

  258. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Mukul,BBA and B Sc in CS are good options. Just ensure that the quality of the College in which you do any of these courses is good.

  259. Mukul Mittal says:

    Thank you for the help sir

  260. Vikram singh says:

    I wnn 2 bcome a commercial pilot..which institute is d best..

  261. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Vikram, not sure about the institutes. But make sure that the one you choose is Government approved one.

  262. nayi dhara says:

    I study in 11science i want to become airline pilot. Which study by pilot after passing 11-12science? Please tell me

  263. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Dhara, go for Commercial Pilot training program. It will help you become a Pilot.

  264. shobi says:

    sir is B.Sc in bio technology a good course if yes then does it have an appreciable value in India i am planning to go for further studies like M.Sc and P.hd .. Does it have a great future? pls reply within 24 hrs pls

  265. Dharm. says:

    i passed my 12 with sci . i don’t wanna to be doctor or enginner .hope u will suggest me which is best coursef for me besides that. who gave me much income or fame….. hope understand..

  266. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shobi, that’s an excellent course that you are going to do. Especially with M Sc and Phd, its value will increase!

  267. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Dhram, why not join the Armed Forces, as an Officer? It is a glamorous job!

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  269. […] the right professional course to pursue is a task of utmost importance. Because, it is the course, the quality and scope of it, […]

  270. Sree Lakshmi says:

    Hi sir,
    I’m currently doing +1 science.And i’m interested in CIVIL ENGINEERING but do’nt know whether it is scopful.and someone told me that archetecturing is better than civil that right if so what’s the difference.and also one thing, that if i’m appearing entrance exam after 12th for civil engineering then suppose if i could’nt get a seat then what to do!please kindly give me a reply. Please sir.

  271. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sree Lakshmi, according to me, both Civil and Architecture are promising. Civil Engineering is a Core branch. It is an evergreen one, when it comes to job opportunities.

    Since you are genuinely interested in Civil branch, go on with it! And in case you don’t make it, you have other branches like Architecture to rely on.

  272. Sree Lakshmi says:

    Yeah, But Arun what about Diploma courses.
    Incase if i’m nt clearing entrance exam then shall i go for diploma?can you please tell me about that!!

  273. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sree Lakshmi, yes, in case you can’t crack Entrance, Diploma courses are good alternatives. There are traditional Diploma courses like Engineering. Then there are job oriented ones like- related to computers, interior designing, animation etc.

  274. […] case of Professional courses and Engineering Colleges, the language used for teaching is English. I agree that some institutes […]

  275. shivam dhingra says:

    firstly sir please tell me how i start ‘NDA’ field and how i give papper. thankyou

  276. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shivam, just visit UPSC’s site, find out the date for applying and register for NDA exam! But keep in mind the age limit and educational qualification details. You must not be above 19 years of age. You must be appearing/have completed 12th Science with Physics and Mathematics as your main subjects.

  277. Twinkle says:

    sir ,
    i m droping this yr so sir …. m thinking to take choching for engg . and med ..
    sir is it correct …. and if u suggust me some courses or comptitive exam … for nect yr … the reason for dropping this is that sir actually i have given wbjee and i qulify .. that exam but i don ‘t get favourable course … and im in pune …
    i have here also but here cutoff date is over … sir can u please suggust me ……. …… what i have to do …

  278. Prem Singh says:

    i hv just passed 12th (pcm), and i want to do that course of 3 or 4 years , so that i will get a good job carrier.

    m thinking of 1) mass communication
    2) animation

    which one will be best and plz suggest me best clg fr that

  279. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Prem, both the choices you have mentioned are awesome. Both have good scope. The solution to your dilemma lies in your area of interest and skill set.

    Animation is one such field, where, with the right skill set, you can make it really big. If you have sound skills to succeed in that field, go for it.

  280. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Twinkle, looking at the circumstances, dropping out is a decent idea. You may always take help of good coaching and give the entrance tests a better shot the next time.

    I urge you to select one of Engineering and Medicine, as it will give you a ‘definite goal’ and help you concentrate your efforts in a much better way!

  281. Patel sagar mukeshbhai says:

    Sir ,
    i was passed 12science & obtained 57% So can i take Line in isro,

  282. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sagar, B Sc followed by M Sc will open doors for a career in research. ISRO too may be a destination. That depends on your aptitude though.

  283. […] Top 11 courses to do after 12th science – – … you have to appear for competitive exams to get admission in various professional courses after 12th science. The list of courses after 12th are mentioned in the … What are the best course/career options after 12th science/commerce ? Plz suggest with helpful n requierd solution.. Arun … […]

  284. Confusion says:

    I’m in a confusion state!!! Plz suggest me a suitable course… I have completed my (science)12 in 2010… I Did longterm for 3 years for mbbs.. But I didn’t get the free seat.. So I can’t afford for mbbs or bds… Plz suggest me a short course like3+2(bachelors+master).. So that I settle down as soon a possible.. — regards confused guy!!

  285. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Confused guy :), in 12th standard, did you pursued both Maths and Biology subjects? In that case, you may go for Engineering related courses. For example, 5 years long (B Tech + M Tech) Engineering course. Or 5 years (B Tech + MBA) combined course. If you are looking for biology related courses, I would suggest Pharm D. But it is 6 year long course.

  286. deep patel says:

    thnks for guide.

  287. Manish Pandey says:

    I have plans to join NDA exam, I am in 12th (science)

  288. Shubhham R. walde says:

    I am shubham walde my qualifications according to 12th science +b.s.c continous

  289. vishnu vs says:

    I decided to concentrate in MBBS…

  290. Arun Kallarackal says:

    That’s good, Vishnu!

  291. Ajay says:

    sir’ will u pls suggest me that which type of course should be done by me

  292. Ajay says:

    Sir , I may do engineering in army

  293. elsy says:

    Hello! Good afternoon sir i have just completed my 10th and i m little slow in studies i dnt knw what to do furthur after my 10th pls sugest me something.. i hate sci math nd biology but like modeling but my skin colour is little dark i dnt think i may get opportunity in it. Pls sir help me out

  294. shaista rizvi says:

    hello sir,
    i need ur totally confused about by a PCB student n i gt 77.4% in 12th dz year.. so ..mere lye kon se course scope wise krna better im intersted in medical bcoz of some financial problms..
    plz rply me..

    thank you.

  295. sandeep says:

    hi sir, after completing 12th if i will choose diploma than i will be in 2nd year or 1st year?

  296. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sandeep, in that case you will be in 1st year.

  297. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shaista, courses like BDS, BAMS, B Pharm suits you.

  298. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Elsy, go for commerce stream. Also look for modeling opportunities.

  299. priy ranjan lal says:

    I hv done bsc in nautical science and doing jobin merchsnt navy. I ask u guys for becoming scientist. Is there any option for space research etc

  300. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Priy Ranjan Lal, a good way to enter research field is by going the B Sc followed by M Sc way.

  301. anirudhgoyal says:

    I am in +1and I have choosen non-med but I have no interest in engineering. So what can I do after +2.

  302. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Anirudh, you may go for BBA, Bio medical engineering, B Sc courses etc.

  303. mitu says:

    I want to be a pilot. But I have eye defect. Shall I be eligible for the test…?? I have passed 12th with 66%.

  304. Arun Kallarackal says:

    In that case, your chance looks dull, Mitu. Why not try for Indian Army then?

  305. srinivasa balaji says:

    i am studying in 10th . i really dont know in which course i am interested so please suggest me which is the best stream for me after 10th

  306. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Srinivas, what are your areas of interest?

  307. Nathan says:

    i have plans to join in Bsc course ….curently iam in 11maths..

  308. raghu says:

    Sir I am 22 year old engineering dropout(cs branch)..due to my bad habits I couldn’t able to clear my exams in 3 rd year….I was good in studies …I got admission tgrough my good rank… My 12th percentage is 71 i that my maths and chemistry score was above 85 but due to my careless and irrsponsible behavior …I screwd up everything…dint gave exams…so I am 3 year dropout…and I left engineerinh….my subjectd of intrest aremaths,chemistry,electrical …now pls tell me what should I do…

  309. raghu says:

    Sorry for typing mistakes..its because my stupid phone

  310. pratiksha says:

    sir, i m in 11 bio and i want to go in search field but i m getting idea that what should i do and sir, after 12 how many exams should i give

  311. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Pratiksha, if it is research that you are interested in, go for B Sc followed by M Sc and then to research.

  312. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Raghu, in that case, I suggest you some job oriented diploma courses like Marine Technology, Safety Engineering etc. They are in demand and will help you find a job quickly, after completion of the course.

  313. Ashish says:

    Hello Sir, i’m 24 and i have diploma in Animation and i’ve been doing freelance work and doing part time job as a Graphic designer which is not as good at all , while doing my diploma i did (pass) from delhi Universtiy correspondence and now i’m regreting my choice of choosing this industry coz there is are no JOBs available at all. parents have high hopes from me that i will get nice job soon and i’m getting in depression more day by day.
    i want to know if is it still possible to get IT degree course to get a secure job and get secure future.
    i finished my higher education cbse in commerece with 68%
    then i did diploma in animation and correspondence at same time.
    please help me i’m losing all hopes now.

  314. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ashish, yes, you may pursue IT oriented courses even now. I suggest you to approach an institute like NIIT and enquire about some IT and Office focused courses.

  315. raghu says:

    Sir please explain me about this marine safety course…..what’s the duration of this course…sir please help

  316. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Raghu, related to that field, there are many types of courses with varying duration. For example- diploma course lasting 1 year, certificate course lasting 6 months- 1 year, Engineering course lasting 4 years, B Sc course lasting 3 years etc.

  317. Rahul dadas says:

    thanks a lot

  318. Akash says:

    I am like to do computer science but due to lack of job I am confused what to do ,plz help me

  319. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Akash, cs isn’t doomed, when it comes to job scope. With talent and dedication, you can excel in that field too!

  320. Harshita Agrawal says:

    I passed my 12th from commerce stream and currently doing i m not at all satisfied.m really confused what to do .i m intersted in doing some profeesional course rather than ca or cs.i m thinking about tourism management & event management.which one is best and which all courses are available..plz plz help me

  321. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Harshita, event management is promising. There are private institutes providing diploma and certificate courses in event management.

  322. Harshita Agrawal says:

    yes,i know that but i want to know that event management has a good future scope or not??
    or else i should prepare for UPSC exams..m planning to prepare for IAS exams from jaipur RAU’s IAS study circle…m i going right?????

  323. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Harshita, it is all about your choice! Event management has got scope. But a career in administrative line is better.

  324. shivam yadao says:

    I am shivam yadao, from Maharashtrastate Board,
    appering 12 th (H.S.C.) 2015

    and like to appear for engineering entrance
    I would like to know thw dates and link to apply
    for entrance

  325. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shivam, your school authorities will inform you, regarding dates and form filling.

  326. aum says:

    i am not understanding what to do after 12science for egineering.
    which is the best path of engineering and proft.

  327. aum says:

    my passion is in bollywood but i have to became engineering so i am confused about which engineer is best and profit to me

  328. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Aum, regarding best Engineering branch, a lot depends on your area of interests and skills. But if you want good branches, then the core branches can be banked upon.

  329. aum says:

    core branche can u give me some more information about it and i live in mumbai so can tell about interests

  330. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Core branches consists of Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering. Also, branches like Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering are also promising ones.

  331. aum says:

    actually i want to became an actor but also an engineer so give me some tips that can be help me in both

  332. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Regarding becoming an actor, I’m not much knowledgeable.

  333. aum says:

    plssssss bcause i am in very much confusion and i have get 98percentage in 10ssc

  334. aum says:

    k but about engineer civil is most profitable

  335. aum says:

    or computer

  336. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Aum, can’t pick such ‘most profitable’ branch. All three have good scope. How well you earn after graduation depends on your skills and aptitude, irrespective of the branch.

  337. aum says:

    i like civil so how it is

  338. aum says:

    sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry for disturbance

  339. aum says:

    can u give me some study tips how to study well

  340. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Aum, Civil Engineering is a good option. Ample job opportunities in Public and Private sectors. You may start an enterprise of yours too!

  341. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Regarding study tips- set up realistic academic goals, form an action plan; a definite time table, work hard, be disciplined. This is all I gotta say.

  342. aum says:

    thanks can i get ur no. for any confusion

  343. Arun Kallarackal says:

    I don’t share my phone number here. However you may catch me on Facebook though. Search my name and you’ll get it!

  344. aum says:

    in civil engineering what works r there

  345. Arun Kallarackal says:

    It is a vast field. Work varies from construction of buildings, structures like bridges, tunnels, town planning etc.

  346. SpAz says:

    Sir, I am from West Bengal. I am a science student(pure). I passed my 10th(2011) & 12th(2013) standard examinations with 62.5% & 58% respectively. I am basically an average student. After my 12th standard results came out, I didn’t know what to do, I took Microbiology(H) as I was good in biology(?) ! But now after 1 year, I regret about taking that decision. At that time I didn’t take any kind of counselling, like which subject should I take! And that was the most severe mistake of my life. Now, my 1st year results will be published within few weeks, and I don’t think I will pass in that examination, I am completely shattered, my confidence level has gone down, & my family members have lost all their faith on me! I don’t know what to do in future. This is the first time I have ever failed & am observing that the people I knew suddenly changed.
    Note: I have interest in various latest gadgets, I am always up to date with news of latest gadgets! I love to play latest pc/mobile games! I prefer to watch a lot of Hollywood films & love sci-fi/action/super hero films, I really like those visual effects /graphics! I am a gadget freak, who loves latest technologies & a freelance photographer, I love adventure and discovery/NGC is my favourite channel! I think my hobbies are a bit idiotic, but can’t help! :'( I elaborated my problem & interest sir, SUGGEST ME A JOB ORIENTED SUBJECT WHICH WILL BE GOOD FOR MY FUTURE & I I don’t know what to do sir, please help & sorry for making this a bit long! If not anything, then I’ll try to continue my Microbiology(H) only with probably a course you will suggest.

    Thank You. :)

  347. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Spaz, Microbiology has scope. I suggest you to continue it and if possible, at the same time, pursue a course that interests you. From your interests, I suggest you to take up courses like animation, web designing, graphic designing etc. Such courses are offered by private institutes.

  348. SpAz says:

    Sir, thanks for your valuable suggestion. BTW what kind of scope does Microbiology provides? If you don’t mind please ELABORATE where I can get job by studying Microbiology? Is it a wise decision to continue with Microbiology(H)?

    … & from where should I study graphics/Web DESIGNING, animation ? Which one is the best computer centre? BRAINWARE/CMC? IS THERE HIGH JOB SCOPE IN THIS LINE OR should I try software courses(c, c++, Android, Java, Oracle. Etc.) OR hardware & networking OR courses like tally ERP, payroll, tax computation will be better? Currently I’m very much confused sir. please help.

  349. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Spaz, job scope is ample, thanks to pharmaceutical industries, agriculture sector, healthcare (hospitals, labs) etc. The lucrative part is a job in R&D field. But for that, you have to go for PG courses too!

    Regarding computer centers, each place has those famous ones. Like in my area, ‘Arena’ institutes are well known! You must research a bit to find which institute is good, in your area.

    If you have a flair for coding and languages, you may go for software courses too. It has more potential!

  350. SpAz says:

    Thanks a lot sir, this is my last query , & I’ll not bother you anymore sir! Actually you didn’t say anything about hardware & networking OR courses like tally ERP, payroll, tax computation. etc. Aren’t those courses good enough? Or is it better than software/multimedia & web based courses ? It’s just that I need a job badly after doing these courses, our current financial condition is not good, but I’ll manage somehow! So, which course should I do first, if you suggest ‘DO ALL COURSES’, then I’ll do all the courses only along with my graduation course? Is this order okay? multimedia & web>software>hardware & networking>tally ERP, payroll, tax computation.etc. My whole career depends upon your suggestion sir. Thanks in advance. :)

    & please share how can I contact with you? Do you have any Facebook page /profile/anything else?

  351. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Spaz, first of all, I urge you not to hurry, while taking the decision. Take your time, consult some good teachers too! Personally, I prefer software courses, followed by multimedia. I’ve heard that hardware and networking courses are good too, so that comes third.

    Software courses, once finished, will allow you to take up freelance jobs online.

    Search my name on Facebook and you shall find me! :)

  352. sayli says:

    Hi is very helpful for all of us…
    I m in 12 th in pcm but I dont like pcm in 12 th …nd.I m not so studies ..but im vrry confused after 12 th what can I do ..plz suggest me to the best nd simple cources
    .nd one think I like rj jobs so that fields you also suggest me plz……

  353. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sayli, there are many simple courses, with the most pursued one being B Sc.

  354. fathima hanan says:

    Very useful for students lik me to have a gud career choice….I well congratulate author truely…its worthy

  355. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Thanks for those encouraging words, Fathima!

  356. satnam kaur says:

    hello sir,
    I m a student doing commerce
    and I m soo confused what to do next
    I hv thought of dong arch ,jewellery designing , fir engineering
    and I m sure gong to to do one of them
    need your help
    what dong is better

  357. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Satnam, since you are doing commerce, I don’t think you’ll be able to pursue Engineering! You may go for graduation and at the same time pursue diploma courses related to jewellery designing etc.

  358. sangram Deshpande says:

    May I do B.Sc./ M.Sc. in physics from IIT’s

  359. DIMple Bungla says:

    hlo sir .. i got 10 cgpa in 10th ..nd 88.6% in 11TH pcm.. i hv intrst in chem. but m nt able get gud mrkz .. wht do u prefer me to take for further studies.??

  360. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Dimple, since you also have interest, I think Chemical Engineering is a good choice.

  361. […] 12th science students may appear for NDA (National Defence Academy) examination while in/after passing 12th […]

  362. Dimple Bungla says:

    i got 10cgpa in 10th clss and got 88.6% in 11th science(pcm)….
    i am very confused about my further studies… i m not intrested in engineering… i love chemistry …. but i won’t ever got gud marks in it as compare to physics and maths,… so please suggest me … what should i choose for my further studies…??

  363. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Dimple, if you are not interested in Engineering, go for B Sc.

  364. Sahil Sakhare says:

    Arun, Sir I’m in 12th(sci) now . i hv interest im cinematography and bussiness.. but my parent say that go in a medical field .. m confused what should i do after 12th ..if i go with bussiness then which course should i take in MBA .help me plz ..i ve also intrest in photography ( DOP ) . suggest me all best ways.

  365. Raosaheb pandit says:

    hi sir…i am ravi,and now i am 12 th pass.but 2 year gap after 12th…please suggest me what r do now…or external

  366. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Raosaheb, go for diploma courses. Else try graduation message.

  367. kishan says:

    I want to be “kalecter” then what i will do..??

  368. Arun Kallarackal says:

    For becoming collector, go for IAS examination.

  369. Harkirat Singh says:

    I am 10+2 class student of medical with maths additional. I want to do MBBS with electronics engineering or nano robotics additionally. Is there any collage?
    Please define me How can i do so in any university or collage in the world?

  370. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Harkirat Singh, I don’t have knowledge about any such college.

  371. shubham says:

    sir after doing 12 from science stream. is bba is good for me . and what are the job opporchunities after doing this

  372. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shubham, BBA is a good choice. You may take up job in corporate sector after graduation. You may also go for MBA after BBA.

  373. Pankaj Chauhan says:

    I am pankaj 12th cleared before 4years.
    But I don’t decide my career options…..
    I want goes in business field…

  374. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Pankaj, go for BBA. Follow it up with MBA.

  375. sagar mohite says:

    I have one yr gap after 12 I can’t decide to what do am I so pl you suggest me to career option

  376. kishan.sharma says:

    I completed my 12th science in B group and wanna do some easy courses and earn more.

  377. Ikram khan says:

    What is b.pharm

  378. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ikram, it stands for Bachelor of Pharmacy.

  379. ikram khan says:

    what the d. Pharm

  380. Md Nasrullah says:

    I have just completed my HS with science stream and also done Autocad course in civil and want to do somthin on the basis of this in civil so that i can get a job in india as well as abroad like dubai.But I have no more time and also financial support to continue my 3 yrs diploma course can you please tell me what shall i do to bright my future.Please I’m so confused…

  381. Nitin Sreevstv says:


  382. Suraj Ghumare says:

    I have idea to decide my future career .
    this website is very useful to student for educational information ….
    currently i am studying in 12 class…®

  383. kamil says:

    I am in 9th std.state mom want me to go for merchant navy. I live in aurangabad Maharashtra. will u help me from where should I do this course.also can I get any scholarship? if so plz reply me.

  384. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Kamil, there are hordes of private institutes offering that course. I suggest you to do a bit research online, because personally I can’t tell which institute is better.

  385. LALU RAJPUT says:

    I have completed my 12 class with 80% marks with biology. Now confused to do what. Sir please suggest me some good carrier options which provides good job and better salary options. I am interested in biotech, forensic science,BDS, research. Piease help me out sir..

    Thank you.

  386. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Lalu, options available for you are- MBBS, BDS, BAMS etc. B Sc in Biotechnology is also good option. You may follow it up with M Sc and build a career in research field!

  387. Shekhar Singh says:

    I read all lines about career making and thanked guidelinerers to give up interesting update.
    Thanks Sir

  388. pops says:

    I have plans to join forensic reaserch exam .I’m currently in 12th science.

  389. anishaa ravikumar says:

    i m anishaa currently studying in 12th std i have more interest in biology and mathematics is there any course offering this kind of combination

  390. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Anisha, Bio medical Engineering, Agricultural engineering etc are courses suiting you.

  391. ranjeet says:

    sir i am in 11 sci can you tell me

    how many rank is required to get admission DTU through jee

  392. vruti faria says:

    I’m a 11 sci. Student..have taken computer sci. As my vocational subject..m confused about what to do after 12 …I have got few plans for engineering but still m confused…plzz suggest ..

  393. sweety says:

    Hi, I’m appearing for hsc in Feb this year! Haven’t registered myself for any entrance examinations. Can you please tell me what careers or courses would be best for me? I’m a science stream student with pcmb as my subjects!

  394. nitin says:

    really a standard planning .

  395. RITESH GANDHI says:


  396. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ritesh, eye sight imperfections are allowed to some extent in case of Army.

  397. satish says:

    Hi I want to be a chef looking for best culinary colleges iam in 12th

  398. shubham says:

    What to do after 12 th science i will be getting 60above my subject is PCMB..

  399. nishi says:

    sir i need ur help.. m doing bsc in Microbiology fy.. i got 75% in12th cbse board.. bt i took d decision of doing microbiology in haste.. i think dis is a wrng decision, n i want to change my field… will u plz suggest a good option for me… my birth year is 1996

  400. mukesh says:

    Sir i am a student of 12th pcm and i dont want to do engg. Or bsc. Suggest me some fields where i could get a good job with max. Salary

  401. Nitesh agawane says:

    I’m in 11th class of science In
    fergusson college…….
    when i’m in school im one of the average student but i want try smthing new in my career, im not so good in studies & my family condition is not sufficient to pay the mountain fees of doctorate, engineering etc.
    thats why; if u know some good courses or smthing like that pls suggest me or talk indivisualy with me

  402. Abhishek Jakhar says:

    I think this ideas is the cause of turning point in my’s so good.

    Thank you
    Very much.

  403. Albert says:

    Im nw gng to complete 12th…
    I am interseted to take degree related to media ….
    What are the course offerd?
    Howz the job vaccancies?

  404. Praveen Raj says:

    I am now studying plus two biology group, I am interested in MBA. How much cut off marks I have to score to join MBA

  405. jefcy j pereira says:

    I am interested to go for Bsc nurseing .currently i am in plus two bioscience batch.

  406. ali says:

    hey i m a student of 12th (science)…plz suggest me to choose any field..

  407. Ravindra Pratap Singh says:

    Currently i m appearing student of 12th what we will do . I want to take a unique course…

  408. shubham verma says:

    Ill be going for bba wil it be a right decision for my secure future after taking science in class 12th..

  409. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shubham, that is a good choice as long as the College you are aiming to get into is a good one! You may follow it up with an MBA too if you want.

  410. Sandhiya says:

    Hi arun,

    i have completed 12th science 2013 passed out and got 57%. This year i have plan to join college. Please suggest me some valuable courses.

    Thanks in advance.

  411. sara says:

    Hi sir. I ‘ m sara I ‘ m very much interested in fashion. So, i need someone to help me to choose the career. Can u plz help me……….

  412. Radhika says:

    I m completing my 12 th science in PCM this year and wishing to get job in navy as an officer. Kindly guide me the best way.

  413. Pradeep says:

    Which course should i opt for, to join merchant navy ?
    Currently i’m in 12th sci

  414. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Pradeep, there are private institutes offering Degree and Diploma courses like- Marine Engineering, Merchant navy courses etc.

  415. Nishant says:

    I m appearing for HSC this yr.
    Interested in animation. Want to do degree course in animation. Please guide, me. Do this field have a bright future? if Yes which college to join in Mumbai!

  416. SIDDIQUE SHAIKH says:


  417. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Nishant, animation has got good scope. It will only improve with time! But regarding Colleges in Mumbai, no idea! Look out for good quality private institutes.

  418. surendran says:

    sir, my brother today onwards write 12th public exam,wat can i suggest after his 12th and he is pure science group……..

  419. Jayesh ahire says:

    Please give me more information to become a commercial pilot..!

  420. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Jayesh, I have already published articles related to becoming a Commercial Pilot. Feel free to read them!

  421. shreya says:

    which is the best engineering college in karnataka?

  422. mary jose says:

    Sir, nw im studying bsc nursing 3rd year bt nw im nt interested in this field can u gv me any suggestion bcoz im planning to discontinue this course and im planning another course related science only can u tell me which is the best course

  423. tushar says:

    what should i do after passing 12th science i am doing 11th class

  424. naira says:

    Sir I am in 11 science now can I change my stream can I change my stream after 11

  425. ashish says:

    i have passed the 12th but i am comfus to go wich path 1) medical 2) technikal corcess . my groping is gon only 1 marks … sir plzzz plzzz sagest mi a right path . i am so warid abaut my futchar.

  426. Abhishek bhardwaj says:

    Sir. Now i am studying in 12 standard from science stream.can i face civil exam by science stream

  427. pihu says:

    hi sir
    I’m 12th std student PCMB
    what can I do after 12th

  428. savan says:

    goood 11 curses to 12 th passout ..:d

  429. suleman says:

    Hi sir….. these year i have given my hsc exam and m Damn sure that i will not get above 50%….. can i get seat for any engeenering course…..

  430. Saksham Sharma says:

    What should I do after 12 when I m not interested in engineering field ????

  431. Ayesha says:

    I’m currently in 11th stndrd pcm with computer and I’m intrstd in business so plz tell me which course is best and have bttr scope and also tell its competitive exam..plz sir tell me

  432. kirti vardhan says:

    sir, i m 12th passed student. i m preparimg for medical.sir i just want to know the scope of in biotech. maine suna h ki isme job nhi milte h…is this correct?sir i m vvvvv confused nd tensed. is in botany is a gud choice. is there is a scope in research field.

  433. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Biotech is not too bad Kirti! It is still developing. So, in future, it may offer more opportunities.

  434. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ayesha, you may go for BBA.

  435. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sakshm, you may go for courses like- B Sc, BBA, Merchant Navy, Aviation, Hospitality Management etc.

  436. Amal Krishna says:

    I would like to get job in SBI. I have completed +2 science. What is the next step for me…plz..

  437. deepak says:

    sir i have passed 12 th class with pcm with good marks. i want to join bsc. with maths . then after that what should i do.

  438. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Amal, finish graduation and attend IBPS examinations. Based on your performance, you may make it to SBI!

  439. vishaL says:

    Sir ..this year i gave cls 12th examination..and i am very confuse..What are good job opportunities for me after b pharmacy ?, how much salary I can get after b pharmacy…plzz sir suggest me wht to do further b’coz i m really worried about my future….

  440. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Vishal, after Pharmacy, you may get recruited by Pharmaceutical Companies. Government jobs are available too! Salary estimate would be 2-4 Lacs per annum.

  441. Gaurav says:

    I am still Confused wht to do ,,,,Plzz Help through It
    I hav Wasted My 2 years in Diploma Mechanical Dropout After 10 And I joined 12th Computer Science.

  442. vaishali says:

    Sir plz help me what can I do after 12 I am interested in AFMC but I don’t know what can I do about it .plz sir help me

  443. Arun Kallarackal says:

    For admission in AFMC, Pune, you need to appear for Entrance examination related to it.

  444. charnpreet says:

    Sir ..this year i gave class 12th exam, I am very confuse, What I am doing,my subject is non medical

  445. charnpreet says:

    and how I choice for subject

  446. mahi says:

    Hlo sir….!!! I have just completed my 12th by science stream…(general group) ( PCBM) …
    Sir I m really very much confudsed about my future and career too ….
    I m totally intrestd in medical…. Bt my father is not supporting me for medical….
    So…. By taking suitable decision wat other courses could I doo…!???
    Plz help me sir….!!!!

  447. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Mahi, you may go for B Sc courses like- Biotechnology, Biology etc.

  448. mahi says:

    How is the career in that field

  449. vishnuvijay says:

    I complete my plustwo then i go 30days of entrance coaching . I apllied for entrance exam since if iget admission in any collage can i leave from that collage ? can i take degree

  450. priya says:

    Sir I have completed my 12th I wish to join in aviation related courses through councelling in a good college where there are lot of campus interviews

  451. ekta Bompilwar says:

    If I have only bio not math in 12th science then I can do hotel management course? ?

  452. neelam says:

    I am interested in singing. I am good in that. but I don’t know much courses about it even after researching, can u help me. I like bio, chem n want to study that in future but not sure about getting any good courses n I m in doubt about passing d entrance exams. should I follow my passion or study bio? what if I fail in entrance exams?

  453. sumathi says:

    sir,i am from tamilnadu. i have just completed my much mark is needed to get bams on merit.what are the jobs available. what will be the salary?. please help me sir.

  454. sumathi says:

    sir, i am from tamilnadu .how much mark is needed to get bams on merit . i haave studied by state board syllabus

  455. komal says:

    hello sir …..recently i gave 12th examination & i am so confused what can i do after 12th ….sir plz help me.

  456. balu says:

    sir, my daughter have just completed 12th. what she can choose as a best course

  457. sonu kumari says:

    Excuse me sir …i have given the exams of 12th class and now i wanna go for travel and tourism courses .So sir will u please tell me that whether i have to go for any entrance exam for this or direct admissions are here in this field …..and please also provide me with best government colleges offering travel and tourism courses…..i will be so thankful to u …. :)

  458. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Neelam, my first tip is that you should follow your passion.

  459. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ekta, you may pursue Hotel Management course.

  460. Gayu says:

    I wrote mah +2..what about choosing (Physician Assistant) course??? Plzzz replyy me…do it hav scopeee n futured??? Plzzz replyy

  461. priya says:

    sir i have completed 12h,what course can i study next sir, i was sooooooooo confused sir,my parents was also not with info about courses, so please suggest me the best course sir which was with good job oppurtunity sir

  462. priya says:

    was EEE is the best course to choose,was it having best job opportunity sir

  463. sharath says:

    Arun sir, first of all u hv so much of patience that u replied all the questions or quieries……

    Firstly i want to what are the courses available for tourism & better life in it or not???

    dont say that go with ur passion,, because i dont know which course to join and also no interest in a particular field,,,,,

    but i dont want to join in pharma, engineering, aviation (as it costs 2.5 lakhs per year) , normal degrees( like b sc , msc ) , CA , TTC ,

    U only should help me…. :(

  464. sharath says:

    actually i completed for our medical shop license.,………..

    my parents decision is to enter into business as u cannot survive with job ( money)

    but what im saying them is i want to study atleast,,,, because as to learn some skills and some enjoyment (not fully,, but i will study seriously) ….. thats all

    and also finally tell me what are the professional courses available…??? foriegn laguages etc etc…??????

  465. amit says:

    sir,I am 12th science (pcm) student. I am very good in chemistry n maths my physics is weak compare that subject
    But I will want to do with the physics subject because it is very interesting subject.but I am interested in few lession like atoms,space n modern physics so any scope for me ? N will I learn any particular topic in any field after complete

  466. Rathwa Daresh says:

    What do the after 12sci

  467. Anjali gupta says:

    I’m science student can i choose nift as my career.

  468. vignesh says:

    Sir , i have completed 12 th std 1st groop , and i have plane to studying marine engineering , so i want best university in india , plz guide me….

  469. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Yes Anjali, you may!

  470. jeya says:

    sir,i have completed 12th and my group is maths computer .im interested in drawing pls suggest me some courses for good job oppurtunities

  471. Mazin says:

    :) Boss am Mazin Ibrahim,a cbse 10th student..w8ng for ma rzlt…i do expct 90-95% in 10th…i like to be an IAS officer,as am good @ Social,and socially committeedd,by taking an MBA in economicz..(being lyk an economic analyst or financial advisor, or to set up an independent firm). But to take an MBA, u knw v need to take any degrreee.(rathr a pro degree iz must to b in a good position)..Till A few months bck,i hate those med/engg.(still hate medical).but when i attended the career guidance class,and when i share ma ideas vth him,he suggstd me to take Btech..then try for MBA nd reach ur ultimate Civil service..So dis vot happened till now…Well my quezs are:
    * Cbse/Kerala state board Sylabuz?
    *PCEM + Economics/Computer science..?
    * Wil all these plans be unsuccesful…? :/
    Seeking fo ua Advz….vth hope Mazzee.. 😀

  472. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Jeya, you may go for Civil Engineering, B Arch or Animation course.

  473. Salim says:

    Sir, my interest is more in PCM i.e phy. ,chem., math so what should i do in future
    At present i m in 11 , some days bofore i had given my 10 boards
    Pls.. sir tell me the best carrier for me

  474. Pooja agrawal says:

    Sir, i recenty passed my 10 th class .i am confused to taking subjects in 11 th class. I want to take PCM . But i dont like physics .pls suggest me courses that i can do after passing my 12th class other than engineering.

  475. sagar yadav says:

    i want to becme a software dvlr what i hve to i dont undrstnd what is best

  476. muskan says:

    i have just given 10th board exams.. and now i m confused to choose which stream in class 11th… i m intrested in chemistry & maths but i have terror regarding physics…. physics always seems a tough subject for me… i have plans to go for C.A or IAS after 12th but i m still confused to take subject.. people says that pcm is better than commerce… and i dont like accounts too… and i even dont want to be an engineer… so which stream would be better for me… plz guide me

  477. muskan says:

    i m very confused

  478. gautam kr verma says:

    what ar t scopes in chemical engineering

  479. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Gautam, Chemical Engineering offers ample job opportunities in both public as well as private sectors!

  480. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Muskan, go for PCB then..

  481. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Pooja, loads of courses have been mentioned in the article. They are well suited for Science stream students! Courses like- B Sc, B Pharm, CA, Hotel Management etc are available other than Engineering.

  482. Adarsh Tiwari says:

    i passed 12th but my percent is not good.45% in 12th class.i want to do the best course in which job would be granted

  483. Rajkumar says:

    Sir,I have completed 12th. I’m a science group student. I’m interested in the stream of finance manager and business manager.What course shall I choose sir or shall I go in another field.

  484. akhil ram says:

    please…..i need a reply…i am now on +2…as i have taken bio science…which course wll be the best to work outside india? suggest me the rare and amazing courses???

  485. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Akhil Ram, try Pharm D.

  486. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Rajkumar, BBA is a good option.

  487. shanu says:

    Sir ..
    I just gave 12 exam and i am confused to choose the cource and collage .tell me about can i go to any govt. Collage ?and refer my subject which have hige scope and job option ….i am imtrested in computer science and mechinical

  488. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shanu, they why not check out courses like BCA, CS Engineering or Mechanical Engineering?

  489. R.S. Goutham kumar says:

    I have completed my 12th std (MPCB). I expect 195+ cutoff marks for engineering. Can I get free seat in Anna University,chennai. OR What can I do next?

  490. R.S. Goutham kumar says:

    I am just interested in Mech.

  491. Md Saliim khan says:

    sir, i have completed 12th science with {PCMB}, i m intrested in indian air force {IAF}, i want become squadron leader,,,so please telll me,, ……..which cource is best for mee and my career,,,

  492. Arun Kallarackal says:

    MD Salim, you may appear for NDA examination to join the IAF!

  493. gouri says:

    thanks a lot for this very informative web page. thanks a lot sir, for your help also.
    love u a lot sir and your advises.
    :) :) :)

  494. sangeetha jeevanantham says:

    sir sry for disturbing u again can u suggest me the best college in india to join for genetic eng courses with lab facilities and also i want the informations about the job recquirements sir ,,,,
    hopely waiting for ur better advice thank u…..

  495. Meena says:

    i am just interested in is it useful now a days

  496. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ya, Meena, you could focus on many Government jobs too.. Also, it is not about a certain specialization area, more like multi-skill based course!

  497. Tanmay says:

    I am interested in computer science and engineering. what courses or subjectes or programmes are there in this field?

  498. Manmohan singh says:

    Hiii sir you should any idea about travelling course

  499. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Tanmay, there are topics like programming languages, basics of computers etc in this course.

  500. Abhimanyu says:

    i have pass class 12 with 63% and i have interest in computer engineering but i dont have cs in 11 and 12 . what should i do

  501. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Abhimanyu, were you having PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) subjects during 12 Science?

  502. Nandkishor says:

    Please send information about courses after 12th class.i have math science.

  503. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Nandkishor, details of many good courses have been provided in the article.

  504. CHINMAY says:

    Hey guys. I’m so confused

  505. Abhimanyu sirohi says:

    yes sir i have pcm in my 12th

  506. zakra saleh says:

    I am currently in std 12th pcb science sir I want to go in research and develpment field so what type of courses I should do after 12 …Is there any enterance for this please elaborate it…….
    please please ….I am confused…..

  507. Abhimanyu says:

    yes sir i have PCM in class 12th

  508. Aaziz khan says:

    hi … sir . I hv completed my d pharm . and I m confused about what to do nw bsc microbiology or b pharmacy . which course will be better for me ?

  509. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Aaziz Khan, go for B Pharmacy.

  510. shaikh uzma says:

    I am in 12th. And i want to go for B pharm but i didnt filled the pharmacy entrance form. Now what should i do? Please help me out..

  511. Abhimanyu says:

    sir tell me for which i should go electronics or computer?

  512. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Uzma, which subjects have you been pursuing in 12th science stream?

  513. Binil says:

    sir i have completed plus 2 with pcb now i wanna know if i do bsc biotechnology can i f=get good jobs wih good salary .What is the scope of this in india ? or if i do bcom will it be so difficult to study? pls help sir

  514. neelam says:

    thanks 4 suggesting me 4 following my passion ie. singing …bt my parents don’t allow me 4 this…I know to play music instruments like harmonium n tabla…n I have learnt it myself..i enjoy it… how can I prove this 2 my parents?? plzz sir sugges me.

  515. harsh says:

    thanku sir

  516. Abhimanyu says:

    sir tell me which subject should i choose computer or electronics

  517. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Both the subjects are good, Abhimanyu. May I know what your interests are?

  518. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Binil, Biotechnology is fast growing. The research sector is fast developing. You may build a rewarding career in that field.

  519. Abhimanyu says:

    Sir I have interest in computer though I haven’t choose it in 11 and 12

  520. honey roy says:

    is it possible for a +2 science student to do B. com?

  521. Tanmay says:

    Hello! Sir, I’ve Complited 12th Class. I m Interested in computer science but i also like graphic designing. And I want to do business. So what should I do, sir?? I m confused again..

  522. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Tanmay, you may go for Computer Engineering. At the same time, you may pursue flexible graphics course offered by reputed private institutes. If you have entrepreneurship skills, you may start up your own venture related to CS or graphics fields!

  523. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Honey, you may select if you want it..

  524. Namrata khoth says:

    i dnt lyk maths sugGest me best sci courSes nw m pResent 12th

  525. Abin ajay says:

    sir, i’ve completed 12th science, i am totally confused i am quite fond of
    writing reading and so passionate about films. i
    know deep down i like to be a screen play writer or director.
    But thing that stops me , i am practically don’t know the right track.
    i don’t want to end up like a guy who studied a lot and don’t know
    what was he actually studying .everybody around me eagerly writing all
    entrance exams.I desperately need a track to move on..

  526. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Abin, why not take a look at the courses offered by National School of Drama?

  527. tanu says:

    Sir i have passed 12th in 2014 with pcm
    Nd took a drop of 1 Year instead of that i got 42 marks in mains nd my 12th percentage is 64% now i m just confused that what should i do next

  528. Tiya says:

    Hi…hellow sir im tiya i have nw gave my 12th science boards nd engg entrance exam jee i got less in jee bt im really intersted in computers,comp applicatiom nd comp science if i goy admissn in engg i shld go fr engg or i shld go for sme otjer courses??plz help sir

  529. Stephen says:

    I want to a pilot and I need help to know the procedure ?

  530. Aadesh Thavre says:

    I have given my HSC examination this year. And I got 35 marks in JEE mains. And its my hope that I will get 70% in my HSC boards. According to u , will I get the good engineering college by this marks ?

  531. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Aadesh, a lot depends on the marks that others get too!

  532. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Stephen, check out the Commercial Pilot or IAF Fighter Pilot related articles on this blog to clear your doubts!

  533. Hadiya Faziludeen says:

    Nice article.Iam currently in 12th science.

  534. shahar banu says:

    I hv just completed my 10th std in cbse.
    I wish to choose science stream in the coming interest is in painting designing …etc…also i dont know what to choose aftr plus two…is there good courses without the need of entrance exams….what about Barch n interior really afraid of entrance exam…wil u please suggest good courses for me….i love this site…

  535. chandru says:

    I done my BE mech and now working in power plant as a desk Er…
    I plan to study some higher study related to power plant Wat r the courses available can u help me

  536. animesh das says:

    i am not intrested to study bsc, if i don’t get seat in engineering what should i do to get more job oppurtunities and huge salary..???

  537. R.prithiviraj says:

    I am waiting for my result ,iwant to know about what course can i select in college

  538. Harry says:

    What is procedure to get admission in government college for MBBS? THANX

  539. Gurleen kaur says:

    Hlo sir plz suggest me diploma course after 12th medical , so that I can continue my further studies in Canada after that diploma course….

  540. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Gurleen, try Nursing Diploma courses.

  541. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Harry, appear for entrance examination and clear it. If you manage to get into the top section of merit list, you could make it to Government Medical Colleges!

  542. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Prithviraj, which subjects are you interested in? There are many professional courses to choose from!

  543. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Animesh, you may go for Diploma Engineering and then switch to Bachelor Engineering program using the D to D (Diploma to Degree) switch. Courses like maritime courses, B Pharm, BCA etc are also available.

  544. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Welcome, Hadiya. Yes, this article has been written keeping 12th Science students in mind.

  545. Swathy says:

    can i get merit seat in pharm D ,if i aquired more than 95% in 12th?

  546. Ashwin Bhandare says:

    I am just finished with my HSC exam from science stream I have also attempted the entrance exam i.e JEE but the result of it is not so good. I love cars and I want to make my career either in mechanical or in automobile engineering. But my marks are not so good and I don’t think that the result of HSC will be good. My dream is to be a mechanical engineering. If I wont get admission in mechanical then only I will go for automobile. I am really confused what to do and I am confused only because of my marks.

  547. gagan says:

    i hve finished my 12th science…wt should i opt atr this plzz suggest me

  548. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Gagan, there are various courses that one may pursue after 12th Science. Some of them are- Engineering, Management courses, B Pharmacy etc. What are your areas of interest? Based on that, choose a professional course!

  549. Ashwin Bhandare says:

    Hi sir
    I am done with my HSC EXAM and also with my entrance exam i.e JEE. But the result of JEE is not so good and I want to be a mechanical engineer. I love cars that’s why I want to become a mechanical engineer. If I won’t get admission in mechanical engineering then what should I do. Which stream I should choose then.

  550. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ashwin, then you could try Automobile Engineering or Electrical Engineering.

  551. Swetha says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have written my HSC.I want to take up a creative career,a totally different one with good job oppurtunities.I am confused over it.How about a photo editor?Suggest me some courses.Please help me.

  552. nivi says:


  553. Vaibhav says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am vaibhav done with 12 th science , so plz give me information about aeronautical engineering, it is easy after 12th, or what i do? After 12th i am getting directly degree admission or Diploma , which can be prferable for me?

  554. Sonu says:

    I am just finished with my HSC exam from science stream I have also attempted the entrance exam i.e JEE but the result of it is not so good. . My dream is to be a aeronautical engineering. so plz suggest me about this field.

  555. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sonu, it is a good field. Particularly Airline firms are the prime recruiters. There is also scope in the research sector too. Aerospace Engineering is also a similar branch. But it focuses on Space research and exploration.

  556. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Vaibhav, I think you should go for Degree course in Aeronautical Engineering.

  557. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Swetha, Photgraphy courses are good. But I guess there aren’t ample amounts of good Institutes offering that course. You could also try Animation and Graphics related courses too!

  558. Sangeetha says:

    can a girl become officer in military.what should i study to get job in millitary

  559. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sangeetha, you may go for any graduation course and then join the Indian Army using CDS examination. If you want to join IAF, you may make use of AFCAT examinations after graduation. In case of IAF, you must have completed 12th Science schooling with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects too, along with Graduation degree!

  560. Abhimanyu says:

    i have interest in computer engineering though i dont have computer in 11 and 12

  561. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Abhimanyu, if you had been having Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects in 12th Science stream, you may pursue Computer Engineering after 12th!

  562. Abhimanyu says:

    Yes sir I have pcm in class 12 and I have passed it with 63 %

  563. Navneeth says:

    sir, I have finished my HSC just now i want select Pharm D course. But i just 1000 marks, for this marks can got seat in pharm D course…..

  564. ashwini chandran says:

    sir,I have completed my bsc nursing and having 1 1/2 years experience.could please help me to choose some courses other than MSC nursing.which help me
    to settle financially too…

  565. Praveen says:

    I am in 12th class and I want to clear MBBS .What should I do?

  566. Ashwani tiwari says:

    Mughe samgh nahi aa raha mai kaun sa course karu please suggest me

  567. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Praveen, you could take help of Entrance coaching and clear entrance examinations.

  568. Karishma Das says:

    I hav decieded to do hotel management… Thanx fr showng a path… To build my career!

  569. sonu says:

    sir,i completed my 12th exam.i got 75% ,i have an idea to study MBBS .iam interested in MBBS.but i have an doubt that could i able to study MBBS and get passed very easily,bcoz i got only 75% in 12th exam. please help me sir..

  570. ani says:

    hello sir .. i am so confused with which course to take . i am good with computer’s, but i hate programing .is there any good course which there is a good scope please help me out

  571. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ani, related to computers, you have courses like CSE, BCA etc to choose from.

  572. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Karishma, Hotel Management is a job oriented course. All the best!

  573. Shivam says:

    I am confused to join which course in engineering

  574. aditi kaushik says:

    I want to know that what should i do after 12 to become a wildlife warrior.

  575. vijaya sangeetha says:

    hello sir…is that good to do B.SC geology after 12th..if not can you please suggest me some other science courses and their job oppurtunities..

  576. santosh says:

    above 50% we can go for engineering pragram.

  577. Ravi says:

    hello sir…m about to finish my 12th exam(science-PCM) n m interested in doing engineering…but i have no idea which engineer should i select…so can u suggest me that which engineer is best

  578. sudipta says:

    hi sir,
    now i am appear +2science exam.i am confisud what should i read beacuse after this our carrier is depends upon to choice a good course.i am worried about my future .so please sir kindly say what is the good course.

  579. Lalitha says:

    In the top 11 courses, you have given BAMS. I want to know Which has priority among Indian Medicine and Homeopathy courses whether it is BAMS or BHMS or BSMS? Please rate these 3 courses.

  580. hafis mohamed says:

    sir, I just completed plus two. I like to become a male nurse. how can I reach my goal…which is the best course I want to study…

  581. chiya says:

    i have given 12th board examwith pcb nd biotech as my subjects nd want to become a research scientist…what are the courses i can go for and suggest some good colleges in india for the same

  582. Tanmay says:

    hi sir!!! I want to do BBA in International Business. With this, If I learn other foreign language, what response will i get? How is this?

  583. Dikshant says:


  584. Arun Kallarackal says:

    You are Welcome, Dikshant. By the way, which course have you decided to pursue?

  585. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Tanmay, that is a good combination of courses! There will be much opportunities after you complete them.

  586. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Chiya, first, you must select a field where you want to do research. Based on that choice, you must select a professional course. Some good courses are- B Sc Biotechnology, Biochemistry etc. After B Sc, you must follow it up with M Sc Degree too.

  587. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hafis, you may go for B Sc Nursing course after 12th Science.

  588. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Lalitha, I would rate BAMS high, based on factors like job scope improvement, job saturation levels and growth scope.

  589. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sudipta, actually I would like to know more about your passion. What do you want to become in future?

  590. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ravi, core branches of Engineering are good. Those branches are- Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering. Some other good branches are- Petroleum Engineering, IC Engineering, Biotechnology, Aerospace Engineering etc.

  591. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Santosh, that depends on the overall merit status and the Engineering branch that you are interested in.

  592. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Vijaya Sangeetha, Geology is a decent field. Decent job opportunities are also available after graduation. You may also go for Research related jobs after pursuing a PG course.

  593. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Aditi, you may go for B Sc courses related to Forestry field.

  594. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shivam, tell me more about your passion. Based on that, we could select a good Engineering branch.

  595. krishan kumar says:

    in 12. i scored 65% in science stream.i want join delhi unvirsty u suggest me wht i do?,bba,
    im average student not sooooo much intelligent.

  596. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Krishan Kumar, you may go for B Sc. It will be easier for you to face it.

  597. vivek anand says:

    l want to take admission in government college for B TECH

  598. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Vivek, to get admission in Government College, you must have decent merit score.

  599. Umair k u says:

    I compelect my 12th 73% in computer science .
    I don’t intrasted in engneering ,which is the best course for me?

  600. ajay benbansi says:

    Sir i’m finincelly poor . I have given 12 th exam from science this year. Pls suggest me a course that will suit me.or suggest me how can i manage my fees. Can i go for mba

  601. Bhushan kewari says:

    Very nice information. I like this. And thanks.

  602. abhi says:

    Sir,i am 12th student of comptr sc , i want to join in indian army
    Pls hlep me sir ????

  603. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Abhi, appear for NDA examination.

  604. Dakshesh says:

    hey i have appeared for 12th science and intrested in nda but not filled form please suggest me

  605. Abhishek says:

    Can you please suggest me college with ICE branch

  606. Riya prajapati says:

    What course shall i choose after 12th sci..with 60 -/-…???????

  607. Riya prajapati says:

    Sir plzz suggest me….which line i joint after 12th sci with 60-/-….????

  608. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Riya, if you get lucky, you may get seat in decent Engineering College. Otherwise you may go for B Sc, BBA, B Pharm etc.

  609. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Abhishek, regarding the College, you have to do your own research. You may visit different Colleges near your place and evaluate them. You may also seek help of your teachers in finding a good College.

  610. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Dakshesh, you better appear for NDA exam fast. There is an age limit of 19 years associated with this entry mode. If you miss this chance, you will have to go for graduation and then make use of CDS entrance examination to join the Armed Forces as a Commissioned Officer.

  611. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Welcome, Bhushan.

  612. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ajay, you may go for B Sc, BBA, B Pharm etc.

  613. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Umair, you may go for B Sc, BBA, B Pharm, B Arch etc.

  614. Pallavi N.B. says:

    hello sir,gd aftrnoon.sir plz help me in choosing course which i cn do very well..sir my +2 yr result is 78% 7 am really vry interestd in bio when compared to both phy & chem.sir actually am nt economically so supported so, guide mw such a course which i can achieve it & suits me too..i hope i would get my ans. soon.. thank you..

  615. abhishek says:

    sir.., hi…, I want to be a CEO of a company now I chooses pcmb just I passed 10th

  616. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Abhishek, you may go for BBA after 12th. After BBA, you may pursue MBA. This way, you will be qualified to take on Managerial posts in Companies!

  617. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Pallavi, you may go for courses like- BAMS, BDS, Pharm D, B Sc Nursing, B Sc Biotechnology, B Pharmacy etc.

  618. Pallavi N.B. says:

    sir ,out of these courses which u have mentioned which course has much scope in our country &as well as out of it?

  619. gokulkanna says:

    Hi am not eager to study doctor or engg but am a IIT student which course wanna select

  620. nida says:

    sir,i just passed my 12th with 78% in pcmb combo, i am really intrested to bcome an mbbs doctor, m waiting 4 my cet results pls suggest minimum qualificatn to bcome an mbbs doctor and basic rank required in kcet????

  621. Swastika says:

    Hello sir,
    I’ve given my 12th cbse exams n i’m likely to get around 80% in it n have scored 38 in jee mains. Can you suggest me a field to graduate in,coz i’ve furthur plans for Civil services which needs graduation done. Also i need job security after graduation in case i dont mange to get in civil services.
    In severe need of Help!

  622. Bhausaheb patil says:

    Sir i am intrested for basic course sir please suggsted me help me sir 12th science passed guide me for basic course

  623. yatendra says:

    Hey…..I want to do MBA …….which graduation courses should I take????? Pls.. Tell me…I’m confused???As I’m a science stream student….
    Presently,I had given my board xams….and waiting for d results ,also i’m not expecting a good aggregate…..
    Plzzzz… Tell me about some other courses which I can do except engineering courses…….

  624. ritika says:

    Well I have given my class 12 exam nd appeared in competitive examinations like jee mains but unfortunately my performance was not up to the mark.
    I m interested in engineering but want to do frm a reputed college nd I don’t thnk so that I’ll get one.
    Second option was in designing but I haven’t given any competitive based exam like nid or nift
    So m totally confused nd depressed I don’t knw what should I do
    Pls suggest me somnething

  625. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ritika, there are other Institutes that teach Designing. If you are really serious about pursuing Engineering from a reputed College, you could take a drop of one year and devote it towards competitive exam preparation.

  626. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Yatendra, you have lots of Graduation courses to choose from. Some of them are- Engineering, B Sc, B Pharm etc.

  627. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Swastika, in that case, you may go for courses like B Sc, BCA etc.

  628. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Bhausaheb, B Sc will be a good course for you.

  629. shivani says:

    i hve just passed 12th in isc board with 72.4% with mathematics i m confused which fisld shall i choose tht must b helpful for my future pllzz suggest sumthng…

  630. Satwik says:

    Sir i have completed my eamcet. I got 28396 rank and i have bc-a reservation. Can i get pharma-d &biotechnology course in govt clg. Is biotechnology course in govt clg useful. How many branches r in biotech which is useful.

  631. Priyanka says:

    Being a PCMB student, I’m intrested in veterinary / B.Sc agri / B.Sc course. In the following these 3 options, which course have a good scope (opportunity) in future? Which is better?
    I’m bit confused with these 3 options. Please suggest me…


  632. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Priyanka, B Sc Agriculture is a good option. After B Sc, you may go for M Sc and specialize in many exciting areas.

  633. nida says:

    hello sir,i have just passed my 12th with 78% with pcmb combo, i am waiting for my cet results, i am passionate about bcoming an mbbs doctor,pls suggest basic kcet rank required to get a seat??? pls reply soon

  634. senthil kumar says:

    hi, i’m interested in doing gentic engireeing,. can i go first doing life science ie 5 yr intergrated course ,and after tht genetic eng will be a good choice ? pls tell me in full detail

  635. Disha says:

    Hlo sir I have optforfor ed Bsc nursing after12th….child you suggest something to me about this…..

  636. Disha says:

    Hlo sir I have opted for Bsc nursing after12th….child you suggest something to me about this…..

  637. Priyanka says:

    ok. I accept it. Then what about veterinary & B.Sc?

  638. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Priyanka, both are good courses. Still, the one mentioned before has got more scope.

  639. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Disha, Nursing is a good course. After B Sc, you may go for M Sc program and increase your value in the job market!

  640. Kuldeep Jyani says:

    Best of luck

  641. Priyanka says:

    Sir,Can u please give me d detailed information about B.Sc agri?

  642. akshay says:

    sir can u suggest best BCA clges in karnataka

  643. akshay says:

    can u help me 2 go 4 clerical jobs

  644. talib says:

    I have PCM I got 60% in 12th so what should I do
    May I do 12th re

  645. Merin says:

    Sir,i had complete my higher secondary education.After getting 91% marks in 12th science,is it possible to get admission in a well known engineering collage.Mark of my entrance is only 116..I am confused what to do next so someone plz suggest me what to do further…

  646. Avnish says:

    sir i got 64%in 12 this year so suggest me a best course and study so ican earn more money in future….please sir help me.and i have taken pcm

  647. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Avnish, you my go for BBA, BCA, B Sc etc. And if fortune favors and you get a chance to pursue Engineering from a decent college, go for it!

  648. shivaram says:

    I am a 17 years guy who is confused of his future . i want to become a overseas engineer but m not getting good information. Ihave just passed 10. can u give me some idea about involving in this field

  649. Soniya says:

    sir i am confused but iam got49%but why should do please help sir iam intersting in biology but me intersting in entrance exam why do this time then i am choose and mbbs is good but iam do this because my % Is very not good but what do that time sir please tell me iam very confused sir please tell me please sir.

  650. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shivaram, you may go for Marine Engineering or Petroleum Engineering.

  651. Vrushali Patil says:

    I have choose to do fashion designing. I have passed 12th science this year

  652. Saumya says:

    I hv passed cls 12th with cbse board this year with 74.8% mks. MY subjects are PCM with physical edu.
    I’m very confused abt my future … im nt able to decide which way should I go… I was interested in fashion designing… bt I was nt able to qualify nift enterance… now I want to know which career should I choose which can make me successful in life.. which profession should I choose which can provide good salary , which dosn’t take much years of my life to me accomplished… n how should I go for it…

    Please rply to my post sir… I’m real very tensed abt it,.. I need ur hlp sir!!!

  653. ismail khan says:

    hello sir i have got 80% in the 12th by pcm and also i do coaching for iit but i failed in that sir please suggest me what i do next, meanwhile i am more interested in computer.
    and please tell me the fields in computer.

  654. azhar says:

    sir i have got 72% in 12th by pcb and then in mbbs entrance exam i have got 45% marks what i do next

  655. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Azhar, with those marks, it will be very very difficult to get MBBS seat. You could get a seat using the sponsored quota though, which private colleges have. Or you may go for courses like B Sc, B Pharm, BBA, Pharm D, BAMS etc.

  656. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ismail Khan, other than IITs, there are many other good quality Private Colleges too, offering Engineering programs. You may join one such college and pursue Computer Engineering. You may also go for IT courses like B Sc IT or IT Engineering. BCA is also a computer related course that has decent scope.

  657. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Saumya, I agree that NIFT is a premier Institute that offers Fashion and Design courses. But there are also other decent private colleges offering the same courses. You could search for them and check out if you can get a seat there. You could also go for any graduation Degree and then try NIFT’s PG courses.

  658. ismail khan says:

    is there any best college for bsc or btech with computer science in haryana and which is better b/w it and cse

  659. azhar says:

    which is better option b/w bsc, pharma, bams and bba. and also please suggest me the best colleges for that.

  660. Arun Kallarackal says:

    B Sc in Biotech will be a good option, Azhar. After that comes BAMS and BBA.

  661. Ankita Awale says:

    Sir I just passed my 12(PCMB) with 71% I M trying to get admission in BDS bt if I don’t get admission then what should I do? BSc nursing or BSc? which one is better?

  662. Saranya Meheta says:

    Sir, I am a girl interested to lead a adventurous life and hardly interested to go for engineering and I have good managerial and communication skills.What should I take up as my course. I am so confused.

  663. ridhi vishwakrma says:

    I passed out 12thfrom science cbse board .and marks to 290

  664. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Saranya, why not join the Armed Forces? Lots of Adventure and Adrenaline present in those jobs! Go for any graduation course and try to join the Armed Forces as an Officer after Graduation.

  665. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ankita, B Sc Nursing would be slightly better. It is more job oriented. Also, B Sc in Biotechnology would be a good choice too!

  666. Amol patil says:

    Nice options

  667. deepak says:

    i got 58.6%in pcm is mthere any chance in indian air force??

  668. prakeerth says:

    Arun sir , is there any problem if a person choose PCMB for adopting MBBS ?

  669. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Prakeerth, no problem at all. Just ensure that you score well in board as well as entrance exams.

  670. soumya says:

    is there a good career in pharmary?..can uh explain me in shrt abt pharmacy..lyk wat r d sub included…further future plans….plz… it intresting?…

  671. prakeerth says:

    thank u sir

  672. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Soumya, Pharmacy course primarily deals with medicines, pharmaceutical industry, concepts of human body and health etc. You’ll also find that the course has lots to do with Chemistry also. After graduation, B Pharm folks can get hired by Pharmaceutical firms. They may also find Government sector jobs such as in the Drugs department. M Pharm is a PG course that they may do. This will enable graduates to take up teaching as well as research jobs.

  673. Meghraj says:

    Hey bro i am trying to read CA in Nepal after my +2 in science but someone said me that it is a very hard course and you cannot pass it . so i am getting confused . Can you give me some suggestions ??

  674. navin says:

    I m plan on mbbs how may prepare it

  675. sehaj says:

    Hii sir
    Sir i want ur suggestion
    I am in 12th class in pseb board
    I have opted non med stream (just bcoz of my own will)nd i got 80% marks in 11th class.i like maths and chemistry bt i don’t want to do ordinary job(engineer,mechanic,teacher).i dont know about my talent or special ability.plz help wht shud i do

  676. shahabuddin says:

    sir have complete my 10+2 with 74 % bihar board (PCM) 2015 sir what have option for me in engg field excepts jee advance. sir have option in government college to coplete my be or b-tech

  677. tria says:

    hey, can anybody say abt the interior designing course (BSc ID) i mean abt its scope and all..actually i completed my 12th in 2014 itself and was interested in mbbs bt unfortunately i din get through any competitive exams. but i always had a liked to do creative things and designing too…so…just tell me about this course and the best college for it..plz do help…!!

  678. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sehaj, the first thing to do is find a course that you are interested in. If you can’t pinpoint your interest, make use of some counseling service! Other than ordinary jobs, other good jobs are- in the Armed Forces (Army, Navy or Air Force), job in Merchant Navy, Entrepreneurship etc.

  679. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Meghraj, are you talking about Chartered Accountancy?

  680. Meghraj says:

    Yes sir. Please give me some advice sir

  681. Mrunal says:

    we have just very less options!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  682. Meher says:

    SIR i have asked this question many times on ur website but you dont answer any of my questions, pls tell me ayurveda,or unani,or homeopathy is good of the three and wich has good scope and future and what about the sallary pls prvide details AND REPLY TO MY QUESTION SOON SIR,PLS.

  683. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Meher, I’d say BAMS is slightly better, compared to the other two. You see, Ayurveda is one such area, which is growing in popularity and preference all ove the world. So, qualified professionals are required in this field. Regarding salary, I can’t pin point it out. You may work in Government/Private hospitals. Also, you may start your own private clinic, if you are are into entrepreneurship.

  684. Arjun says:

    Sir is it hard to study Charter accountancy after +2 in sciencce

  685. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Arjun, generally, CA training is a bit tough and requires much effort and hard work from students’ side. But the course has high value also!

  686. suyash says:

    Sir, I passed 12th board exam with pcm and I got 74 and 40 marks in jee mains . I want to become a mechanical engineer But I am confuse in BE and B.Tech .
    Plz tell me which is suitable for me.
    Plz help me.

  687. Shefali khanna says:


    My Son is in tenth class and not good in maths and science.
    he is very good at English and like social science also.
    he can write stories (8-10 pages) in very short time.
    he is good at drawing as well.

    very sharp mind in computers too.

    currently I am pushing him for the studies but I am very worried and want to plan his career right from now only..please help and guide me with the a good career in computers as well.

  688. Shefali khanna says:


    my son is in tenth standard and is he is not good in science & maths.
    he is very good at English and computers.
    I want to plan his career from now only.

    can you guide me with the details.

    Thanks for your help.

  689. Jerry Oommen says:

    I like to know about bsc it a good course?will i get jobs in European countries?

  690. Shaikh Mustafa says:

    Sir,i have completed my 12 & had given engg entrance exam looking for good professional engg courses I don’t have interest in computer IT & electronic field please notify me some other engg courses that has high opportunity in future

  691. meher says:

    SIR,thanx 4 d reply,sir i was very much intrested to do mbbs and wrote cet 2015 exam but have not got a seat in medical and my ISMH RANK IS 27360.i am not intrsted in engineering and neither in ismh , but bcoz of not getting a rank in medical i want to opt for ayurveda or unani only for a year as i want to write cet again& try 4 mbbs nxt year and if i dnt get a seat i would continue with ayurveda, SIR IS THIS DECISION CORRECT?? what r other possibilities???SIR I HAVE GOT 74% in 2nd puc, AYURVEDA HAS SANSKRIT WHICH I HAVE NOT STUDIED,IS IT ADVISABLE TO TAKE AYURVEDA??PLS GUIDE ME WITH GOOD GOVT COLLEGES 4 AYURVEDA. YOUR OPINION MATTERS,SIR PLS REPLY.a confused and deeply worried meher.):

  692. meher says:


  693. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Meher, the decision you took is okay. But please make sure that you don’t end up ruining your present BAMS studies and MBBS preparation by mixing things up. With preparation and planning, I guess you can multitask and go forward with both studies.

  694. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Mustafa, branches like- Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering are good.

  695. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Jerry, Biotechnology is a good course. It is a relatively new entrant. Still developing and its Research and development field is particularly lucrative. Yes, job opportunities abroad are exciting.

  696. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shefali, what about his areas of interests? Which are the areas that he is inclined towards?

  697. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Okay Shefali, based on his interest in drawing and computers, I can suggest Animation and Graphics courses. Talking about computers, is he interested in coding and programming? If yes, he can build a rewarding career in that sector. Courses like Computer Science Engineering, BCA etc will help him out.

    If he is creative, interested in designing, I suggest that you take a look at some Design courses offered at prestigious National Institute of Design and NIFT.

  698. Arun Kallarackal says:

    BE/B Tech won’t make much difference Suyash. Just make sure that you select a reputed College with good infrastructure and faculty.

  699. Shefali khanna says:

    Hi Sir,

    Plz note I am also in the fashion trade and working as fashion merchandiser in french liaison office in cyber hub.

    I want to tell you here that shivank is not keen & interested in studies as I cannot see the sense of responsibility till now which worries me a lot.

    I think due to my family problems I have not devoted quality time with him, but right now I am doing that..but he hardly talks about his interests.

    in that case I have to initiate and help him by taking your help offcourse.

    can you suggest me how can I check with him his areas of interest.

    I really want him to score good marks in 10th standard

  700. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shefali, that’s a tricky situation. Well, the best way to know more about his areas of interest is by communicating. Don’t rush it up, if he is uncooperative. I think you can take help of his friends too, maybe they know what he is interested in.If these things don’t help, I think you could take help of his teachers or approach a career counselor.

  701. meher says:

    SIR,that was a quite a witty answer but for my rank in ISMH 27,360.could i get a government seat in banglore,if so could you assist me with some good avurveda govt. colleges???pls

  702. meher says:


  703. Shefali khanna says:

    Hi Sir,
    As per your advise I have tried to communicate with my son and he says he has keen interest in career related ti computers like computer engineering.
    he is also keen in joining Google company….please advice.

  704. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shefali, for building a rewarding career in that sector, one could pursue courses like- Computer Science Engineering, BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) etc. And in case of such programs, to get admission in a good college, academic performance of a student must be good. Explain these facts to your son. Maybe this will result in him taking studies more seriously.

  705. Akash jadhav says:

    i”have pass 12th exam & i got choice of NDA how can gate info of exam time table of intrance exam of NDA

  706. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Akash, keep an eye on upsconline site. You will get notifications and application forms there.

  707. snehal says:

    sir, i completed my degree course ( B.pharm).sir. i am get confuse in two PG courses like pharma & M.pharm. sir ,plz advice me

  708. pratik says:

    sir,i have passed 12th getting 83.38% in board and 142/200 marks in CET . it is not possible to get admission to MBBS.also i am not much interested in courses like bams,bhms,bds,bums,bsc.and i am also not appear to pharmacy,plz suggest me in such situation.

    is food tech. is good course? but i wish to get addmission in only govt colleges.

    i am get confused as my father wants to repeat for next year CET, plz suggest me what to do?

  709. Shefali khanna says:

    Hi Sir,

    I feel he is starting understanding the importance of studies now.
    but still he lacks in the responsibility right now.
    I have to be on his back to study.

    his focus & goals for the career are missing.

    may be this is the reason that he is 14yrs of age and rest students in the class are of 15th years.

    please suggest how should I help him to finish his course well in advance.

  710. Ankit says:

    sir i have completed 10 class from nepal . i am interested in charter accountancy as well as science but i have to choose one . please suggest me sir .

  711. Priyanka says:

    Sir, please suggest me a good colleges to study B.Sc agri & B.Sc course in shimoga, mysore,m’lore & b’lore.

  712. Prajakta Kokane says:

    Sir i got 62% in 12th science PCMB . I want to do event management [PGDAME] . Could you give step by step procedure to complete the course ?

  713. Prajakta Kokane says:

    SIR i need it urgently

  714. harshin says:

    I have passed plustwo compoter science with95 pec.i do not intrsted btech and bsc..pls sugust me some other digree to get a gud job

  715. manoj says:

    Plzz sir suggest a course im 12 th passed for science in 2012 im join civil but not complete and not intreseted plzz suggest a best course for 1 year

  716. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Manoj, you may go for courses like Engineering, BBA, B Sc, BCA etc.

  717. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Harshin, you may go for courses like- BBA, BCA, Maritime courses, Hotel Management, Aviation courses etc.

  718. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ankit, CA is an excellent course. But you’ll have to work hard to finish the program with flying colors!

  719. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Prajakta, just find a good college offering the program and apply for admission. Just make sure that the Institute is recognized and approved by the authorities!

  720. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shefali, the best way to face this situation is by creating a good timetable. Sit with him and make a time table. Make sure that you devote time towards games and all, along with studies. The advantage of making and following a time table is that by following it religiously like for 3 weeks and more, it becomes a habit. Maybe it will help him start studying without you having to force him each and every time!

  721. Arun Kallarackal says:

    And Shefali, you may even reward him and motivate him when he follows the time table without any frills! :)

  722. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Pratik, if you belong to SC/ST category, things would have become easy! If you feel confident that you will do well in next year’s CET and are also getting support from your parents, I suggest you to repeat CET.

  723. madhur says:

    I completed 12th than wat l do?

  724. Prajakta Kokane says:

    i want the cources step by step

  725. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Madhur, any of the above mentioned courses, if you are from Science stream!

  726. Adarsh Tripathi says:

    Sir I at present I am in 9th standard though I have 2 years’ time to think about my future but all my brothers and friends have already decided their career i neither have any aim nor any clarity about my career sir I am interested in doing experiments related to electricity and I also like to work with computers please guide me on what to do after 12th weather electrical engineering ,computer science , nda or something better

  727. Ankit says:

    What after school leaving certificate(slc) in nepal sir ?

  728. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Adarsh, Electrical Engineering is a good option. You may also try Electronics and Telecommunications branch too. I suggest that you get to know the nature of the job that you will face, in case of each branch. Select the branch that will allow you to have a career and job that you will love and be comfortable with.

  729. anila says:

    sir, i am a +1 student i took science stream without maths instead of it i choose the option to take a language subject . but sir now i don’t even have an idea what will i go for after 12. so can please give me an better option.

  730. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Anila, you may go for Biology group oriented courses such as- B.Sc., B.Pharmacy., BBA, MBBS, BAMS, BUMS, BDS etc.

  731. akash says:

    i am 12th pass with 50% aggregate ,and i ve quit engineering because lack of interest ,im 23years old suggest me some good courses that i can opt for as soon as possible .pls

  732. shreya says:

    sir, i am interested in autocad engineering. but many say it is not meant for girls and they say you should take computer science engineering. but i am not satisfied with that. if you also disagree , suggest me what to take and which course has high scope?

  733. waseem akram says:

    I want take diploma
    And I have passed 12th science

  734. Mathews says:

    I am studying bsc physics after this what course should i take is their many job oppurtunities if i complete msc too.i like physics so i took this.pls help

  735. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Mathews, you may take up a teaching job, venture into the research sector etc.

  736. Santosh jamre says:

    12th class ka course praise ?

  737. Smriti Singh says:

    I have completed 12th now I have plans to join MBBS exam…. Please suggest me

  738. deep says:

    I am currently in 11th science n want to pursue business management after 12 th .is this a good choice .will there be more scope in it?

  739. sansuma swargiary says:

    I am not too talanted but i have 62% in hs in science stream…what should study if i dont get in entrance exam.. sir..

  740. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sansuma, you may go for courses like B.Sc., B.B.A., BHM etc.

  741. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Deep, after 12th Science, you may go for B.B.A., which is a management course. But do consider pursuing an M.B.A. program after B.B.A. It will enhance your qualifications and value!

  742. Tarun says:

    sir, i have completed hsc with 67% in science stream.i want to do NIT .please suggest me if to try for it or go through other technical line….

  743. Gayathri says:

    I’m doin BDS final year but I’m not really interested in the field right now…What are the courses I can pursue after completion of this degree? MHA is one option I found out, can you suggest me something else? :)

  744. Ayushi sharma says:

    i choosed commerse streem n compltd 11th with it but then i realised that my interest is in biology subject so i took a drop n now is doing 12th with biology subject.
    so i need ur advice that what i should do after completing my 12th
    I need a good advice that what should i do.

  745. Hemangi Ubale says:

    i got 60%in hsc n 70marks in mhcet n 76marks in assosciate cet …. plz suggest me sir wat should i do in medical field ??

  746. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hemangi, try BDS, BAMS, BHMS, B Sc, B Pharmacy etc.

  747. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Aayushi, you may go for courses like MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, B.Sc., B Pharmacy, BHM, BBA etc.

  748. akash verma says:

    I hv passed 12th this year & got 59% in pcm…
    So I am so confused that…even these percentage may distract me in future. …or not…
    So sir please tell me…either I do 12th re- exam…or go further by these %….
    Which condition is more beneficial. ..

  749. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Akash, if you are sure that you will do well, go for it. And make sure that your parents are supportive too!

  750. swetha says:

    sir , i want to became hardware enggr of computer sci and what is the procedure for that please help me

  751. Arun Kallarackal says:

    You may go for Computer Science and later specialize in that field via M.Tech. or other specialized programs, Swetha.

  752. shubhangi says:

    Sir, can we do post graduation in journalism after any graduation??

  753. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shubhangi, yes, you may do PG Journalism and Mass Communications course after Graduation.

  754. pankaj sha says:

    sir i m in big problem i dont want to go medical field but i wants to take science plz suggest me some importance of science compare to commerce

  755. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Pankaj, you may select Mathematics group within the Science stream and pursue career in fields like Engineering, Management, Hospitality, Merchant Navy etc.

  756. NEHA SINDE says:


  757. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Neha, you’ll have to discuss it with the school authorities. I’m not fully aware of the process.

  758. amit singh says:

    i am in 12

  759. Lekshmi says:

    wht are the courses to become an aerospace researcher?

  760. preeti says:

    R/sir i have passed 12 th &i am very confused to choose careers,,bhut hi confuse hu,,, i have 67%marks in isc(Bihar board) jee mains ka exam v diy hn lekin achha nhi hua,,, sir plz sujjest me,,,sir i want better job from any section of education,,, plz help kijiy mai kya kru, ,,

  761. gaikwad laxman says:

    I got 47.78% in sci what can I do after 12th

  762. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Laxman, based on your passion, choose a good course from the above list.

  763. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Lekshmi, B.Tech. program in the discipline followed by M.Tech. and PhD program will help you build a career in the research sector.

  764. Nirmal Mali says:

    I want to know about CA procedure after 12th science maths

  765. hello sir, i’m from science stream biology is my main subject,but i don’t want to become doctor or nurse… i prefer bsc with agriculture for me will be nice carrier option.. sir what u thik there is huge scope in this field or not

  766. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ipshita, B.Sc. Agriculture is a good course. It has ample scope. Job opportunities are available in Government and Private sector. You may also go for specialization such as Horticulture/Floriculture etc by opting for M.Sc. program after B.Sc. With help of PhD program, you may also build a career in R&D sector too!

  767. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Ipshita, B.Sc. Agriculture is a good course. It has ample scope. Job opportunities are available in Government and Private sector. You may also go for specialization such as Horticulture/Floriculture etc by opting for M.Sc. program after B.Sc. With help of PhD program, you may also build a career in R&D sector too!

  768. pranav dixit says:

    I have qualified with 71% from CBSE board in PCM. kindly guide me for my bright future please.

  769. kishanseth says:

    sir i want to do engeering by prepairingiit jee target but confused to choose best coaching in varanasi please help me

  770. srinath says:

    sir I had got seat in pharmacy but what can I do after that since I am not the much in this course.

  771. srinath says:

    sir I had got seat in pharmacy but I don’t know what to do next moreover I am not interested in this area.

  772. romi says:

    respected sir…i m a student of science(pcb)…i secured 95%in my 10…but i want to go for civilservice….so can i change my subject from pcb to arts …??? cause i think political science would be better along with general
    knowledge for crackin the competition…….sir i need ur consult for changing the sub……

  773. Piyush says:

    Still confused

  774. Abhay Raj says:

    9 bala army m jana chahta hu

  775. Abhay Raj says:

    I have join armed force

  776. shekhar Kukshal says:


  777. Aditi says:

    respected sir
    I am a student of science(bio) of class 12th. I will try to get my good marks in final exam. i am preparing for the medical entrance exam. If I could not able to clear where I should take the admission for persiung my bleacher degree. i want to go for civil service with MBBS….so can u suggest me. sir i need ur consult for my carrier……

  778. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Getting MBBS seat is a bit tough, Aditi. If you fail to do that, you may either take a drop and appear for entrance exams again or go for courses like BDS, BAMS, BHMS, B.Sc. etc.

  779. kunal says:

    I confused in courses like bsc nursing,software enginr…and bsc.
    In whch side I can get job fast
    Nd my family financial is not too much
    So what I have to chose..

  780. shubham kedia says:

    i have complited 12 form comerce strem but i am unable to find.what course should i choose for my carier.suggest me plz.

  781. guri says:

    i m the student of +2 medical sir what i can do after +2 for good future
    nd if by chance i unable to clear to pmt test so what i can do for it

  782. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Shubham, I’ve written a post dedicated to Commerce stream students. Please go through that.

  783. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Kunal, Nursing will help you get job quickly.

  784. Deepjyoti borah says:

    I’m currently in 12th science ..what course would be better after 12th..pls suggest the best course..

  785. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Deepjyoti, what is your passion? Areas of interests?

  786. abhilash sharma says:

    i have plans to join merchant navy,i had completed mine 12th,what courses shall i do??

  787. Narayanthapa says:

    i wnt to join NDA aftr 12

  788. sourabh says:

    I have done diploma in computer technology by 6 six years so what should i do now? degree or any business?

  789. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sourabh, doing a Degree program will be good. But if you have some good business plans in your mind, you may pursue that dream as well. But doing Degree program will add to your skills.

  790. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Abhilash, you may do Marine Engineering course. Otherwise, you may also go for any Graduation course and on its completion, you may go for Merchant Navy pre sea training course.

  791. hasib says:

    dear sir i am slight confuse about b phramacy and phrama D help me out i want to live in usa which is better ……………..someone told that after b phrama you can do 2 year of phrama D is it true o……………r[ else 6 years of phrma D ] help me out sir

  792. Sachin says:

    frnds after 12th a cource has join hardware, network ,Linux , Ccna, mcse these are complete . Than what to do.

  793. Trupti pareek says:

    I m 12th student maths can u plz suggest me what can i do after 12

  794. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Trupti, lot depends on your marks and passion. You may go for professional courses like Engineering, B Sc, Diploma courses, BHM, BBA etc.

  795. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Hasib, in that case, Pharm D will be of use to you.

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