Top 11 courses to do after 12th science


Top 11 courses to do after 12th science


12th standard is the last stage of a student’s school life. After 12th standard, a student has to decide his path and his career. This step has to be taken after lots of planning and thinking. You just can’t afford to choose what to do after 12th standard carelessly. You must take into consideration various factors like- your interests, job scope and opportunities etc while choosing your career. I think this article will help you deal with it.

There are many courses available to students after 12th standard. Courses like Engineering, MBBS are main stream, but I will also focus on slightly unknown and unique courses. Please make sure that you take your own time and think before you choose a particular course.



For details on all the branches of engineering, please go through this article. The course is 4 years long.


If you are interested in becoming a doctor. The course is 5 years and 6 months long with internship. But you must also complete PG if you want to be successful.


If you want to become a dentist. The course is 5 years long. But the field is saturated due to large number of private colleges.


If you want to become an Ayurveda doctor. The course is 5 years long. There are many job opportunities in this field.

5 B Pharmacy

This course is 4 years long. After getting this degree, you can open a chemist’s shop, become a medical representative or take up a job in pharmaceutical company. You may also do M Pharm and get better opportunities.

6 Pharm D

It is different from B Pharm. This course is 6 years long. It is more or less a combination of B Pharm and M Pharm. There are lots of opportunities to work abroad if you have this degree.

7 BScBachelor of Science

It is a 3 year long course. You can select from various subjects like science, maths, physics, computer science, biotechnology etc. After BSc, you may complete MSc and take up teaching jobs or research.


BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. Even 12th science students can choose this course. After completing BBA, you may go for an MBA and get jobs related to your degree.


Yes, this is a good option, but there is an age limit. You have to be 19 years old or younger to appear for NDA (National Defence Academy) exam. You must also have completed your 12th standard exams with A group. If you manage to pass NDA exam and SSB interview, you will get admission in NDA, Pune. You have to do a Bsc course there along with military training and studies. After 3 years in NDA and a year at IMA (Indian Military Academy), you will get a job in Indian Armed forces as an officer.

10 Diploma coursesDiploma courses

If you don’t get admission in engineering, you can take admission in diploma engineering. After completing your diploma, you can go for a degree. After you get your diploma, you have to attend an engineering college for only 2 years to get a degree.

11 Other good courses

There are various other good courses like Hotel Management, Fire Safety Technology, Welding Technology and Software/Hardware courses. These courses also offer good job opportunities. Make sure that you get admission in an institute that is approved by the Government.



111 Responses to “Top 11 courses to do after 12th science”

  1. Vishal Jadav says:

    Hmm…I have plans to join NDA exam. I’m currently in 12th science…

  2. Shushil Harshe says:

    I have plans to join MBBS exam. I’m currently in 12th science…

  3. Shushil Harshe says:

    I have plans to join MBBS exam. I’m currently in 12th science…….

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  5. Ankit says:

    Well, which is the best according to the readers?? Please suggest me the best course in comment friends!!

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  7. Maulik says:

    Doing some other courses with your degree must helps for job

  8. Vishnu says:

    It depends on your interest. If you have interest towards a particular field, then you should only go in that field. If you don’t have any particular interests then you have to find out what you are good at. Even if you are not good at studies there will always be something that you are good at. Some people will be good in computers, some in automobile, some in economics, who knows it could even be politics. It will help you a lot if you actually are interested/good in the field that you choose to go.

    All the best. May you have a bright future.

  9. apsara says:

    im in 10th std…i have an mindset of choosing science group in 11th….im gonna do in staeboard….what course shall i choose after 12th…??? should i write any competative exams??? or….not?”???

  10. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Yes, you have to appear for competitive exams to get admission in various professional courses after 12th science. The list of courses after 12th are mentioned in the article.

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  12. arunkallarackal says:

    Yes Maulik, you are right!

  13. arunkallarackal says:

    Yes buddy, it all depends on our area of interest.

  14. arunkallarackal says:

    Best of luck!

  15. arunkallarackal says:

    Yes, you have to appear for competitive exams for admission to professional courses.

  16. arunkallarackal says:

    Best of luck!

  17. […] A DOCTOR), B Sc, BAMS (AYURVEDA DOCTOR), BDS (DENTIST) and other courses. Here is a list of top 11 courses to do after 12th science. Hope it helps you […]

  18. shweta killedar says:

    hii… i jst competed B.Sc. in chemistry, but i was not intrested in this course but i comleted…& i am not satisfied with this…plzz sir suggest something different course 4 me. some 1 year certified courses or deploma courses.

  19. Ankit Kumar says:

    Hi Shweta! You may go for diploma courses related to web designing, Graphics, Visual effects etc. They are in much demand right now. Since you’ve completed B Sc, I’d recommend you to complete M Sc also.

    M Sc chemistry is a nice degree. Great job opportunities in private and Govt sector.

    Hope this helps. :)

  20. namrata says:

    which entrance test is available at present for medical

  21. namrata says:


  22. @ishwarya says:

    i hav passed my 12 and got addmision in biotechnology integrated msc/ in university of pune bt m not intested in this couse at all plzz suggest me wht are other good couse which hav good job or bisnes oportunity

  23. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Biotechnology (BSc and MSc) integrated is a very good course. But since you are not interested, I would suggest you to go for courses like BBA, Aviation Jobs (Air Hostess), Computer courses etc. But believe me, the Biotech course is really good. Consider pursuing it :)

  24. prathamesh says:

    Currently nw i m in 12th std bt i m confused wht to do so someone plz suggest me wht to do further b’coz i m really worried about my future

  25. Rohit says:

    Best jobs

  26. Surabhi Patel says:

    Such a nice article. You have provided the course details in a brief. But you know what, when we see this much options are available after 12th this time we will get confused, which course should I choosed?
    Only because of such a confusion sometimes we take a wrong career decisions. So for that you need to take counselling from a counselor who will help you to take right decision. I would like to suggest you www. is the website where you can solve your career related confusion.

  27. soniya bhagat says:

    thank you…..:)

  28. soniya bhagat says:

    I have plans for NDA exam. thanx.

  29. soniya bhagat says:

    I have plans for NDA exam. I ‘m currently in 12th science.thanx.

  30. BHANU says:

    what should i opt after completing my 12 std in med????????? presently i am in 10 std and planning for med. is there any option after med if we are not able to clear neet

  31. Arun Kallarackal says:

    MBBS is the best option. Other options include- BDS (Dental Sciences), B Sc, Ayurveda etc

  32. Vesal Ahmad says:

    I want to join in engineering exam

  33. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Watch out for various engineering entrance exams friend :)

  34. shabna says:

    after 12th science i have 2 options 1) bba with mba and 2) radiography….
    pls reply….

  35. Arun Kallarackal says:

    BBA followed by MBA is good :)


    i m in12(pcm)applying for nda completed 18years age on1jan14.if not selected wat is the further process to join forces

  37. Arun Kallarackal says:

    You may appear for CDS after completing graduation :)

  38. sudhanshu says:

    sir please suggest me from which course i can do a job or i can start my own business ….

  39. Arun Kallarackal says:

    If business is what interests you, I recommend that you do an MBA! :)

  40. simran says:

    sir plz help me i wanted to became an undercover cop for India so plz tell me which course or whatever it is should i choose i dnt no any college for it or anythng lyk dat so plzzz help me sir……

  41. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Bro, if becoming a cop is your dream, better appear for exams related to joining police. Appear for Indian Civil Service exam to become an IPS :) Best of luck!

  42. mufasir says:

    can u help me now i am pass out plus two in 2012 which is best course

  43. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Tell me more about your passion and interests bro. Based on that, we’ll choose a good course :)

  44. akshata says:

    after geting 62% marks in 12th sci is it possible 2 get admisin in a wel knwn eng clg…??

  45. Arun Kallarackal says:

    To an extent, it depends on the score you get in ‘entrance exams’..

  46. gaurav kawalkar says:

    awesome information is given here . I like very much

  47. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Thanks for the compliments :)

  48. Shabir Hussain says:

    Kindly give some suggestion that which technical course should I go to opt. after passing 12th exams .My subject is Arts.

  49. Arun Kallarackal says:

    There are many technical/industrial and computer courses that’ll help you.

  50. Sahil says:

    Sir please tell after +2 medical science I will going to Australia which course is best for me in Australia……..

  51. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sorry, not much info about courses in Australia..

  52. Nadia Sam says:

    I’m currently in 11th std. Honestly I dunno what am I good at. I like reading books,adventure and social service. I have opted for science as suggested by my parents (not on my own interest). I score average marks. My parents want me to do engineering. Again not my interest. I dunno if I should continue with science. I really need your help. Please help me out as I don’t wanna regret in future.

  53. Nadia Sam says:

    Hi I’ve changed my ID.

  54. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Convince your parents that it is something else that you want to study. Choose something that you are real passionate about! That’s all I can say.

  55. Anand kumar das says:

    i have given exam of 12th 2014 feb with physical group but present day it is dificult to study B.E

  56. roshni dharkar says:

    hi! im in 12th science nw…..i m so confused wat 2 do after 12th…im not at all intrested 2 do engineering or medical… giving entrance just 2 get a good and well known college….but i want 2 do some gud n well known course plz suggest me something sir…

  57. aroohi says:

    hello sir, can u please tell me if medical line is suitable for girls? i am planning to opt for science stream this year. my parents do agree but my friends say that opting for science stream means u waste ur time n money.. they also say that we don’t get time to study in dis stream, pls tell if it is so… thankyou!

  58. aroohi says:

    i am damn interestd for science as i really wannna becum a good doctor! though nothing is gonna change my mind still i wanna confirm it from you…

  59. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Aroohi, if becoming a doctor is your ambition, then let nothing else distract you! Do what your hear says you to do :)

  60. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Of course it is suitable.. If you are passionate enough, then go for it.

  61. aroohi says:

    thanku so very much sir… :D

  62. aroohi says:

    sir, may i get your phone number please–if u don’t mind!

  63. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sorry, but you may pose questions right here..

  64. aroohi says:

    okay! it’s okay..
    i just said bcoz i m not always able to come online and ask my ques

  65. aroohi says:

    i have my cgpa 6.8…… can i get science in this cgpa…?

  66. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Not sure..

  67. aroohi says:

    last question please :P
    mai i have your id please?

  68. Arun Kallarackal says:

    You’ll find means to contact in the ‘contact us’ section of the blog.

  69. aroohi says:

    done :)

  70. shangamithra says:

    hi sir,i have choosen biology in my it possible to choose BSc(anatomy). suggest me some other courses related

  71. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Very much possible to choose that course. Others are MBBS, BDS, Microbiology etc.

  72. priya says:

    thanks for this ideas

  73. jasleen says:

    i have recently given 12th exams n i m a pcm student with computer as an optional subject.
    i am not intrested in doing can u plz suggest me any other course.
    and doing BCA will be a good choice or not… i mean i m intrested in computer and maths bt i dont know dat doing BCA will give good placement or not.

  74. amrita says:

    i love it.

  75. shubham garg says:

    Now i give papers of class 12 science . So please tell me everything that how can i do after 12 and all courses .

  76. Arun Kallarackal says:

    All information regarding the courses are given in the article, friend.

  77. Arun Kallarackal says:

    BCA followed by MCA will be good for you.

  78. Asif says:

    I am a student õF pcm.
    plz can u suggest me..
    which field I select thtz gøőð for my future…!!

  79. Arun Kallarackal says:

    There are loads of them- Engineering, B Sc, BBA etc. Do choose the one, which you are genuinely passionate about.

  80. samera says:

    i have completed my 12th class..and want to become doctor but don;t want to do M.B.B.S and B.D.S sugesst some other courses.

  81. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Why not try vet sciences or BAMS in that case?

  82. atik says:

    plz sir tell me fast i have no any idea about biology subject.

  83. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Atik, but you have taken PCB na? How come you not know about Biology?

  84. Pratik says:

    I want to do management related course after 12th science [math,physics,chemistry] which can be I choose Pls give me answer.

  85. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Management related course? BBA could be just perfect for you :)

  86. yash fulzele says:


  87. Pratik says:

    my another q is can i get JNEC if i got 23 in jee and 78%in board exam

  88. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Not sure about that bro.. Sorry..

  89. Anusha says:

    Thank you sir

  90. Anusha says:

    I think i’ll get 75% in my 12 science exam.Kindly give me some suggesions for my next course

  91. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Anusha, which group you have been pursuing? Maths, Biology or both? Based on that, choose an appropriate course from the list!

  92. Anusha says:

    Thank you Chetta……..

  93. Anusha says:

    Chetta you done a great job.God Bless you

  94. Arun Kallarackal says:

    You are welcome Anusha!

  95. Rashi says:

    I hav appearaed for 12th nd is confused with my future plz guide me about various engg courses and the steps i must take for it

  96. azhar says:

    This is the best way to select ur future

  97. Arun Kallarackal says:

    A lot depends on your area of interests. What is it that you are really passionate about? Automobiles? Designing homes? Building huge construction projects?

    It would be better to choose an Engineering branch depending on your area of interests.

  98. Ravi Teja says:

    HI sir, after 12th which course is better for future earnings
    i am a science student i got 80 % in MPC
    can u give me a suggestion please

  99. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Well, there are many options for you man- Engineering, BBA, Armed Forces.

    DO make sure that you join a good college. :)

  100. Prashik Ingole says:

    There are various options but choose only that option or field in which you are good or in which you are EXCELLENT.If you follow this instruction then you will be at the top of success in that field.
    -your friend PRASHIK

  101. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Well said Prashik! :)

  102. Vivek Sharma says:

    Hello sir I am the student of class 12th with B – Science. Kindly give me some suggestions Which step should I take ??

  103. Arun Kallarackal says:

    You have many courses to choose from. Some of them are- MBBS, BDS, Pharm D, B Pharm, B Sc etc.

    Just go on with your passion.

  104. ASIF says:

    BBA in dubai this is a good option or not?? in abroad you have any other good option about BBA??/

  105. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Sorry Atif, not much knowledgeable about BBA in Dubai option..

  106. aishwarya says:

    i am passed out 12th…..i wan to do management courses….Is IBM is good….

  107. Arun Kallarackal says:

    Well, I’m not that sure.. Why don’t you do a bit research using Google and other means?

  108. ak says:

    hello! i just want to know about the selection procedure for bds colleges after giving neet or any other entrance exam? i mean is having ur name in merit list of exams is only the requirement to get a bds college?

  109. priyanshi verma says:


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